Ride 5: Get ready for the track in the ultimate motorcycle racing game with a career mode for everyone


  • Features an immersive career mode, customizable races, rewards, addictive gameplay and more!
  • Milestone focused on developing a career mode that goes beyond skill level and provides endless hours of entertainment.
  • ride 5 is available for pre-order and will be released on August 24 for Xbox Series X|S.

When we started brainstorming the game design ride 5Creating the career mode was one of the most important moments. It’s not easy to create a video game that will satisfy all the potential riders who get on our bikes. Whether a beginner or an experienced gamer, everyone should have fun and find something that fulfills them and offers the right level of challenge. The game also needs to be able to reward the time invested in it for both those who put in a lot of time and those who take it casually and enjoy a few hours a week.

Now that ride 5 is in an advanced stage of development and looking at the career mode I believe the above requirements have been met. In fact, the game offers two paths: the main path, the Tour, is divided into four acts with events ranging from championships to different types of competitions such as individual races or time trials. The optional part, the Limitless Challenges, offers four acts, each of which can be unlocked by completing the corresponding main act, and have a higher level of difficulty.

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In career mode, it’s not necessary to win every race to finish groups; it is sufficient to achieve a minimum score. It is quite low at first, but it progressively increases as players advance in the game. In Limitless Challenges, on the other hand, there is no exceeding threshold, only a completion threshold: in other words: in order to complete them, all races must be won!

The adaptability of ride 5 The alignment with player inclinations is therefore evident and is also reflected in the qualifications, which can be time-based or based on a single round. The former equates to a looser (and more standard) approach, while the latter presents a tougher experience, as there’s only one lap to determine race placement. Therefore, players must be able to do their best right away while bearing in mind that going off track will result in penalties.

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Another challenge that we wanted to face during the conception ride 5 was longevity. As opposed to yearly releases, we wanted to give virtual bikers an experience that can keep them entertained for years to come. The Race Creator is a highly customizable tool that allows players to create their own races. You have control over various aspects including the logo, competition name and format (single event or championship), as well as driving aids, competition type, number of drivers, number of events, scores and more. This level of customization extends to the AI-managed riders, where players can personalize their bikes, suits and even choose their opponents in minute detail, setting a new standard in Milestone’s games.

Among the races to be won there will also be endurance races. Their duration can be set from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours, recreating some of the most famous races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Winning each race group rewards players with credits, experience, and unique bikes. However, endurance races played in Race Creator only reward players with credits and experience.

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Speaking of rewards: ride 5Career mode rewards players with powerful bikes at the end of each race group. They serve as prizes and are crucial for overcoming future challenges. They make sure the riders always have the right bike for the competition. This means players have the freedom to spend their balance as they please. They can buy better bikes than the ones they won, upgrade their existing ones via the customization system, or treat themselves to cosmetic purchases for their riders’ clothes. In case players mismanage their money, they can still compete with a free bike rental. However, the credits earned at the end of the race will be reduced.

Winning a competition only brings satisfaction if the opponent is a worthy opponent, and that’s why career mode exists ride 5 introduces rivals, opponents with unique backgrounds and special cutscenes and voiceovers. Each rival has their own outfit, favoring track, bike and manufacturer. For example, Charles Nolan rides a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 that players can win by defeating him. Rivals show greater aggressiveness, are the best drivers in the game and rise in the rankings to intersect with the player’s career at crucial moments and become recurring antagonists.

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The effort of the players in ride 5 are rewarded not only with bikes, credits and points, but also with the development of their headquarters, which changes depending on their position in the world rankings. It will feature three different environments of increasing beauty, symbolizing the path to becoming a top rider. Over time, the scenarios become more prestigious and new team members are added. In addition, players start their journey with a pickup truck and eventually transfer to a van, ending up in a fully equipped truck!

But how long will the career last? For just the four acts of the Tour, without completing all the races but simply hitting the event’s overrun thresholds, players can expect around 17 hours of gameplay. However, all events in the four acts of the tour will take approximately 30 hours to complete. For completers who engage with the additional content of Limitless Challenges, the fun is extended by an additional 20 hours, for a total of 50 hours of gameplay.

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With its immersive career mode, customizable races, rewards and addictive gameplay, we have created a game that transcends all skill levels and provides endless hours of entertainment. ride 5 is ready to ignite the passion for two-wheeled adventures in every single player and we invite all players, from casual to enthusiast, to join us on this fast-paced journey.

ride 5 is available for pre-order and release on August 24th for Xbox Series X|S. For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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RIDE 5 Pre-Order

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Pre-order RIDE 5 now and get the full game along with the Far East Pack which includes two amazing bikes: – Kawasaki Z900 – 2021 – Suzuki TL 1000 R Racing Modified – 1998. Rev up your engine and get ready ready to hit the track with RIDE 5. An adrenaline-pumping gaming experience so authentic you’ll feel like you’re racing at breakneck speed. Find your favorite motorcycles and test new ones in the ultimate motorcycle game! Race on over 35 tracks and collect more than 200 motorcycles from world-renowned manufacturers. Each element is designed to make you feel like you are riding a real motorcycle. IT’S A LONG WAY It’s not just speed that wins races – endurance mode rewards endurance and strategy. Time is no longer an issue, ride to your heart’s content with the ability to save, exit and come back later. Just make sure to keep an eye on fuel consumption and pit stops – these hotlines can quickly become your worst nightmare! FROM ZERO TO HERO Start in your garage, climb the ranks and become the best racer in the world in the new career mode. Face off against increasingly skilled rivals, real obstacles that will stand between you and the finish line. Learn to master different bikes and deal with every situation. However, it won’t be easy… The road to victory is full of challenges and it’s up to you to decide which ones to take on – the harder the challenge, the greater the reward! WIN IN ANY CONDITION No matter how good you are, there’s always one factor you can’t control: the weather. A clear blue sky can turn into heavy rains and then back into the sun. Rolling clouds will follow you as you hurtle through the curves, offering you ever-changing views and landscapes. You’ll have to deal with unexpected situations and use your skills in both wet and dry conditions – the improved physics make for an even more lifelike experience! TEST. LEARN. DRIVE. Not sure which line to follow or when to hit the brakes? Use the new driving aids and get personalized support when you need it most. Learn to handle the bike better and apply the tricks of the trade to become the best rider you can be. TAKE CONTROL A true motorcycle enthusiast isn’t just a bike, it’s their garage – collect your favorite models and customize them to your liking. Share your designs with other players and show off your style! Don’t just limit yourself to cosmetics. With Race Creator you can create an endless number of scenarios, from individual races to full championships, choose your bikes and tracks and set your own rules as the race director. FEEL THE COMPETITION Split screen is back! Now you can challenge a friend and win live! And if you want to show the world what you’re worth, you’ll be put to the test in endurance races, now even more exciting thanks to crossplay.

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