Keep It Clean NOLA embarks on building a more sustainable city

Last updated: 9:00 PM ET, Friday 23 June 2023

WHY IT RATES: Business leaders unite to promote sustainability in New Orleans practices.

More than 80 organizations from hotels to manufacturers gathered at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel on Canal in April to hear from business leaders from across the city how to transform the narrative from New Orleans, known for its waste, to a A place known for its community and cultural focus.

Now the mission is to keep the New Orleans area clean. This initiative is presented to give restaurants, hotels, bars and manufacturers the opportunity to learn how to become sustainable and to initially connect with service providers.

To support this transition, the Love Your City platform offers companies a free way to become more sustainable. From green infrastructure improvements and composting to managing biodegradable glitter, Love Your City facilitates conversations and brings the community together to help businesses make these changes easier.

Restaurants, manufacturers, hotels and more can set sustainability goals and earn badges in categories like energy, water and zero waste. These badges are promoted in an Impact Directory that connects conscious consumers with goal-driven businesses. From providing connections to local service providers to resource guides to get you started, Love Your City supports all businesses in making change happen. Aimed at visitors and residents interested in supporting a stronger, more sustainable New Orleans, the directory showcases each company’s actions.

One hotel in particular made significant changes in the energy and waste categories, saving far more than money in the process. “Hotel Peter & Paul was proud to take part in the Zero Waste campaign last year. Our hotel saved money while making a greater impact on the local community. I did it because I believed in it – but it turned out to be a really smart business decision that resulted in thousands of dollars in savings,” said Nathalie Jordi of Hotel Peter & Paul.

Organizations can participate in the campaign by going to and creating an individual and organizational profile (similar to LinkedIn but for lasting impact). There they can earn badges in 10 categories, be directly networked with service providers and make their impact visible to the public. The campaign is supported by the City of New Orleans, New Orleans & Company, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and others.

“New Orleans & Company is investing in this campaign because residents, visitors and leaders are demanding more sustainability,” said Kevin Ferguson, vice president of external affairs and membership. “This is the future of travel and we can’t wait to see how many hotels, restaurants, music venues, attractions and businesses of all sizes step up to support sustainable business practices.”

Among the many service providers attending the opening, including composting, recycling, energy and water management companies, the panelists delighted the audience at the event. Speakers included Gregory Swafford from Culture of Cleanliness, Michelle Krueger from Entergy Smart, Meagan M. William from the CNO Department of Public Works, Melissa Kenyon from Keep Louisiana Beautiful and Nathalie Jordi from Hotel Peter and Paul.

“There are several case studies of companies participating in Energy Smart and saving money,” said Michelle Krueger, “people have one month to apply and receive up to 100% of the cost of new efficiency improvements brought about by the.” program will be covered.” ”

All participants in the Keep it Clean campaign will be honored at the Love Your City Awards on October 19th at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel.

The next event as part of the campaign will be held on Wednesday 28 June from 4:30pm to 7pm at Café Negril on Frenchmen Street and will feature bars and restaurants dedicated to recycling, composting and reducing their waste have started. From food to wasted energy, everything counts.

You can register to attend this happy hour at

SOURCE: New Orleans & Company press release.

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