It’s a jungle out there! Discover the exciting new update for Stranded: Alien Dawn

Stranded: Alien Dawn is expected to receive an exciting free update that will take players to an entirely new frontier: the Saltu region. This lush, untamed environment is the game’s most diverse and colorful biome to date, and will also feature multiple challenges to test players’ survival strategies. In this blog, we will delve into the intriguing characteristics of this new biome and explore the unique challenges it presents.

Volatile weather patterns

Survivors will be surrounded by towering trees, dense undergrowth, and lush wildlife. Navigating through this dense foliage can prove difficult as visibility is limited. The volatile weather conditions in Saltu can also result in sudden downpours that drench the landscape, thunderstorms with violent lightning strikes, and overly thick fog – all increasing the difficulty for survivors.

Players also have to contend with sweltering heat and humidity. Surviving extreme weather conditions requires careful planning and preparation, e.g. B. finding a shelter, crafting appropriate clothing, or managing limited resources to brave the elements and keep the food from decomposing in humid conditions. The ability to quickly adapt and respond to changing weather conditions will be essential for survival.

Constant vigilance against tropical diseases is required to survive in the Saltu region. The humid climate provides an ideal breeding ground for diseases such as swarm fever, blood infections and intestinal worms. Players must take precautions, craft medical cures, and seek natural treatments to counteract the risks. Meanwhile, the Xenoflora plague can spread through healthy plants and damage crops if left unchecked, leaving the group unable to harvest.

Get to know the local wildlife

The Saltu region is home to a variety of creatures, and the Jungle update introduces a variety of new alien wildlife. From Noth and Shogu, two unique animals coming with the Jungle update, to the various insectoids and their nests. Players must learn to live with these creatures or face dire consequences.

Our friends and developers behind Stranded: Alien Dawn, Haemimont Games, have worked hard to create an Xbox experience players will remember. They said: “Players can delve deep into the untamed heart of Saltu, a lush jungle region teeming with exotic wildlife and botanical wonders. Prepare to master the myriad challenges of survival amidst the fascinating allure of new creatures and plants.”

They also had a secret tip for surviving in the new region: “Look out for Purpleleaf, a remarkable source of building materials. While not suitable for direct consumption, its transformative properties shine when it comes to making delicious kimchi.”

Accept challenges, prepare for the unknown and embark on an exciting adventure where conquering the alien wilderness is the ultimate test of your survival skills.

Other new content available in the free Jungle update includes:

  • Area flags and workspaces:
  • Players can now assign Survivors to specific “Areas of Work” using the “Area Flags” device.
  • Special Equipment/Tools:
  • survival kits
  • harvesting tools
  • lucky charm
  • respirators
  • night goggles
  • flares
  • grenades
  • electromagnetic umbrellas
  • New building, cooking and crafting recipes:
  • Purpleleaf – cloth, protection, kimchi. Roof
  • Vegetable Oil – Palm Oil
  • Dandelion Spores – Tea, Healing Balm
  • Coconuts – fermented wine
  • New devices:
  • area flags
  • Purpleleaf roost
  • Purpleleaf Shelter
  • Purpleleaf fence
  • Purpleleaf Animal Pen
  • arcade machine
  • bench press
  • VR set
  • New Living Mist Expeditions:
  • human screams
  • leap of faith
  • Mysterious bunker
  • Ancient Temple
  • Abandoned Hut
  • Hidden Hoard
  • New challenges and music
  • A new survivor
  • New Achievements
  • photo mode

Stranded: Alien Dawn’s The free Jungle update is out now and available for Xbox Series X|S. Don’t forget to join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord so you don’t miss any updates! Keep your eyes peeled for information about our brand new Survivor coming into the game, and our Dev Journals for even more information on what’s to come. You can also follow the game on TikTok. TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube or join the discussions on the Frontier forums.

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Experience a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn, a planetary survival sim that puts the fate of a small, stranded group in your hands. Shape your story through immersive and addictive strategic gameplay as you make crucial decisions to protect your survivors from starvation, disease, extreme weather conditions and more. From simple camps to fortified bases, create a fortress to protect survivors from attacks by alien creatures roaming a vast and deadly alien world. Experience an epic and unpredictable journey. · Discover an expansive, living 3D world with remarkable flora and fauna. · Manage the needs, health and happiness of your bereaved. · Build and develop your own unique base and develop sophisticated defenses to protect it and its survivors from attack. · Plant, grow, harvest and hunt for food. Store useful resources and salvage material from fallen space debris. · Research technologies to broaden your horizons. · Provide heat, light, relaxation gadgets, and more to keep survivors connected and ready for the next challenge. · Respond to fluctuating weather and environmental events. · Learn to play with the built-in tutorial system. AN UNFREAKING WORLD Stranded: Alien Dawn takes you and your survivors to the brink of the abyss. Limited resources, unpredictable weather, diseases and hostile alien creatures make it difficult to gain a foothold in an unforgiving world. The next challenge is never far away and requires building an increasingly robust base using advanced resources and improved defenses. BEACHED SURVIVORS Ensure the physical and mental well-being of your party by providing weapons, medicine, and much-needed entertainment. Each Survivor has a unique backstory, different abilities in Key Competencies, and both positive and negative traits. Only by honing their skills and maximizing their potential will you survive. AN UNPREDICTABLE JOURNEY In Stranded: Alien Dawn, each playthrough is unique. Experience a journey shaped by random story events, alien wildlife threats and inclement weather. There will be setbacks; Develop your own innovative solutions to problems and deal with several crises at the same time. However, actions have consequences, and while you strive to plan ahead, you must make difficult decisions to shape the story of your bereaved family while balancing short- and long-term outcomes with risk and reward. MODULAR BASE BUILDING Design and build your base on an alien world, transforming it from a simple shelter into a high-tech outpost. Protect it with perimeter defenses, decorate it with furniture, introduce automated devices like defense towers, and discover new technologies to create your own working space pad.

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