Spotify enhances podcasts with new commenting feature

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Spotify is launching Comments for podcasts and a new mobile app for podcasters to build stronger relationships with their listeners. These new tools allow podcasters to manage their shows and engage with fans in a deeper and more convenient way.

The company has been adding features to their podcasts for some time now. A few years ago, the platform introduced Q&A and polls to allow listeners to interact with podcasts. Since their introduction, over 9 million unique Spotify users have engaged with a Q&A or poll and interactions have grown by 80% year-over-year. This suggests that interactive features like Comments are in high demand.

Ben Wilson, the creator of “How to Take Over the World,” shared that he uses Comments to get feedback from his audience and understand which takeaways from the podcast resonate most with them. This feedback helps him create a stronger connection with listeners and makes podcasting more rewarding for him.

The new Comments feature builds on the existing Q&A and polls functionality. With Comments, Spotify hopes to further enhance the interactive experience for both podcasters and listeners. This feature is available to all podcast creators, regardless of where their episodes are hosted. Creators can manage listener feedback, track their podcast’s growth, and interact with listeners, all through the new Spotify for Podcasters mobile app.

Comments on Spotify Podcasts | Images credit — Spotify

The new Spotify for Podcasters mobile app has been rebuilt to be more inclusive and now works for all podcasters, regardless of where their show is hosted. It also includes new notification features that help podcasters stay informed about their show’s performance and listener feedback. The ability to manage comments has also been added to the app.Spotify’s VP of Podcast Product, Maya Prohovnik, stated in an interview that Comments were a highly requested feature by podcasters and listeners alike. Furthermore, she stated that since Spotify is committed to making its platform the best place for creators to connect with their fans, the addition of Comments aims to achieve that goal. Historically, podcasts have been a one-sided experience, and while features like Polls and Q&A have been available for some time, there has been a desire for more direct interaction.
The new features and app are designed to offer a better podcasting experience for everyone involved. For podcast creators, these tools provide a meaningful way to grow their audience and strengthen relationships with listeners. For fans, the biggest benefit is the ability to connect with their favorite podcasters on a deeper level, directly on the platform where they are already listening.

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