Paramount+ raises prices of all its subscriptions (again)

It has become the norm for streaming services to increase prices at least once or twice per year, and Paramount+ is no exception to what seems to have become a rule in the last couple of years.

The US-based streaming company announced (via Gizmodo) earlier today that the prices of its subscriptions will increase starting this August. All subscription tiers will be more expensive, including the ad-free, Essential (with ads), and Paramount+ with Showtime, it’s just that moment price changes go into effect is different for new and current customers.

For example, new customers who choose the ad-free Paramount+ With Showtime tier will have to pay $12.99 per month (up from $11.99) starting August 20. The same goes for the Paramount+ Essential (with ads) tier, which will cost $7.99 per month (up from $5.99).

Customers who are already subscribed to Paramount+ with Showtime won’t be affected by price changes until after September 20. It’s also important to note that existing monthly subscribers to Paramount+ Essential will keep their $5.99 monthly price.

Also, annual subscription plans for both tiers will remain unchanged, which means Paramount+ With Showtime and Paramount+ Essential continue to cost $119.99/year and $59.99/year, respectively.

Last but not least, customers subscribed to Paramount+ Limited Commercial tier will have to pay $1 more for the service ($7.99 per month). This is a legacy plan, so it’s no longer available to new customers.

This is the second time that Paramount+ has increased the price of its subscriptions in less than a year. Previously, the streaming service raised the price of the essential and premium tiers by $1 and $2, respectively.

Even with the new price changes, Paramount+ plans remain cheaper than what the competition offers currently. Disney+, Netflix and Max have more expensive ad-free plans than Paramount+, although the amount and type of content each of these streaming services offer to their customers is the main differentiator.

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