Motorola’s Moto Tag item tracker gets FCC certification, supports Bluetooth LE and UWB

The FCC filing also revealed the device’s model number (XT2445-1); it also indicated that the Moto Tag will be powered by a standard CR2032 button watch battery which means that finding a replacement cell won’t be a difficult chore.

One thing that the FCC certification didn’t tell us is whether the Moto Tag will support Google’s Find My Device network. Google previously said that Motorola would be releasing a tracker that works with Find My Device later this year. We feel pretty comfortable saying that the XT2445-1 will support Find My Network. The latter depends on the huge number of Android phones that are active throughout the world to help locate an item tracker like the Moto Tag.

Compared to Bluetooth, using UWB connectivity on item trackers is more accurate. For example, with UWB users can be directed to a location that is mere centimeters away from where an item being tracked is located. Unfortunately, Google’s Find My Device network does not yet support UWB. That means even if the Moto Tag has UWB support, finding items tagged with the item tracker will initially rely on Bluetooth only.

Motorola is holding an event on June 25th during which it will introduce the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra foldable clamshell handsets. There is no reason not to expect the Moto Tag to be made official at that time. It will be competing with Samsung’s SmartTag 2 which has the advantage of supporting UWB on the Find My Device Network, but only for Galaxy devices. The second-generation Samsung item tracker is priced at $29.99 and we could see Motorola price its Moto Tag a little bit lower to undercut Samsung.

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