Motorola Razr Plus (2024) battery and charging: Expected upgrades

Tomorrow Motorola will be announcing the latest version of its flip-style foldable phones, which includes the flagship Razr Plus (2024). The new high-end Razr Plus will come with several key upgrades, one of which has to do with its charging speed.
As for the battery life, there might be improvements on that front, but that won’t become clear until the company makes any comments during the announcement. If Motorola does not specify any improvements related to the battery life, we will let you know ourselves after our dedicated battery tests.

Until then, however, here are the battery and charging details about the new Razr Plus.

Motorola Razr Plus (2024) expected battery upgrades

Reports say that the 2024 Razr Plus will come with a slightly larger 4000mAh battery, which would be 200mAh more than the Razr Plus from 2023. Whether that would bring any battery life improvements cannot be said as of now, but most probably not.

What might deliver improvements to the battery life is the new¬†Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip that’s said to power the new Motorola Razr Plus. That, as well as the upgraded UFS 4.0 storage, which should be more power-efficient compared to the UFS 3.1 storage on the predecessor.

Motorola Razr Plus (2024) expected charging upgrades

Motorola will have the new Razr Plus (2024) equipped with 68W wired charging, which is a big jump from last year’s 30W on the 2023 Razr Plus. Even with the larger 4000mAh battery, 68W should be more than enough to cut the charging time for the Razr Plus by about half of what took to charger its predecessor.¬†

The wireless charging is said to remain at 5W for now, but there is a chance that Motorola surprises us on that front and gives us faster wireless charging to go along the faster wired charging. Fingers crossed that’s the case! Unfortunately, though, no reverse-wireless charging has been rumored to come with the 2024 Razr Plus.

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