How Should We Remember Tamayo Perry?

Read our full story about Tamayo Perry’s life and passing here. Our thoughts are with Tamayo’s family and friends at this time.

It’s sad that we normally aren’t the ones that get to hear what everyone loved and respected about us.

That outpouring of love and nostalgia typically comes right after we’re gone, and while that we may not get to scroll through our Instagram and see it, it’s beautiful to see obituaries being written by someone’s closest friends and family these days, and not just from some journalist assigned to the obituary section.

So, on that note, here are just three of our favorite tributes to Tamayo written thus far:

From Moana Jones Wong
“If you know Tamayo, you know his two favorite spots were Goats and Pipe. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in the line up at both spots with him and his wife, Emilia Perry. I will cherish all of our memories forever. I would always joke around and tell them I was the daughter they never had. Tamayo you were one of a kind and I love you so much. You and Emilia were always some of my biggest supporters at Pipe, and Goats of course. We are gonna miss you forever. Today when I heard someone passed at Goats for some reason I knew it was you (probably because I know your routine so well and I know there’s only a few of us who always surf this spot) but when I got confirmation it was you my heart sank. When I went down there just now it was dark and gloomy and victory-at-sea but when I placed four flowers in the lava pound and took out my phone to record the clouds parted just enough to light up the surf spot and the flowers got taken in the ocean in that moment and I knew you were there. I won’t be out there again anytime soon but when I do go back out I’ll know you are there and always will be. His blood runs through these waters, he is home, he is part of this place forever.”

From Tom Carroll
“Oh man. Weighty news. Bless you Tamayo, may you rest in Love brother. Very special memories with you at Pipe sitting way over inside, taking each other deeper. Always a beautiful energy emanating from your soul, water or land…thank you for being you! Sadness for those loved ones left behind in the wake of grief…sending big love to you all.”

And from Shayden Pacarro
“Sad to lose a good friend and hero but what a legend from start to finish! Besides pipeline tamayo is the GOAT island mascot! He deserves a statue over there!”

49-year-old Tamayo was a gifted Pipe specialist, Hollywood stuntman, father, and friend. He suffered a fatal shark attack near Laie, Hawaii earlier today. We hope to keep his legacy in our minds right now and learn even more about him from his loved ones in the days to come. Thanks for your devotion to surfing, Tamayo.

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