Galaxy device owners receive update for the Samsung Calculator app

If you own a Galaxy handset, things are beginning to add up. What we are saying here is that Samsung’s Calculator app has been updated to version The update weighs in at 4.05MB and it not only exterminates some bugs but it also gives users a smoother experience when using the app to perform calculations. The changelog doesn’t show any new features or changes coming to the app via the update.

The updated Calculator app can be installed via the Galaxy Store. Open the app and go to¬† Menu option >> Updates. The app is free and can also be installed on eligible Samsung phones running Android 14 from the Google Play Store. The update can also be installed via APKMirror although we’d suggest that you update through the Galaxy App Store or the Google Play Store.
Samsung also has some other apps it developed for its Galaxy handsets including Samsung Clock, Samsung Notes, Samsung Members, and Samsung Internet Browser. While most of these apps require that you use a Samsung device powered by Android, the Samsung Internet Browser, available from the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store, can be used on all Android phones. Whenever I set up a new Android handset, this is the browser I install first. Yes, it is that good and is that loaded.

Besides performing basic calculations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, the Samsung Calculator app also handles engineering calculations and will convert units related to the area of an item, the length of an item, and the temperature. It also has a calculation history function that you can open by tapping on the calculation history icon. To close the calculation history panel, tap the keypad icon.

Since Samsung’s Galaxy devices run on Android, the apps developed by the Korean manufacturer compete with native Android apps with the same functions such as Google Calculator, Google Clock, Google Notes, and Google Chrome. Some of the reviews in the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store for the Samsung Calculator were extremely positive. This one five-star review sounds like it came from someone who never used a calculator app before:

“The way it calculates, breathtaking. It seemlessly solves the equation with minimum effort. I have never, NEVER seen something like it before. Then I put my phone into landscape mode. Oh, my, GOD. It let me access so many new ways to solve my equations, more things than I could have ever calculated. Don’t even get me started on the art style. Flawless. The colors, perfectly balanced for both light and dark mode. This is probably one of the best apps I have ever used. 10/5 stars from me.”

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