YouTube Music playlists and albums get a new look on the web

The latest update to YouTube Music on the web is a new look for albums and playlists. The redesign matches the dual-column layout introduced for the Android tablet app.

On the left-hand side, you have album info: name, band, artist, release date, track count, total length, and description from Wikipedia that you can expand. You then have a play/pause button, and options to download, save to the library, share, and an overflow menu.

Songs appear at the right.

Playlists are getting the same treatment for a dense look that takes advantage of the larger screens on laptops and desktops. This is a great new addition to the YouTube Music web player look, and it makes it more convenient just like the app.

YouTube Music has been getting some update love recently in order to better rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. For example, YouTube Music is now working on an AI feature that will let you ask for music, and also you’ll be getting the option to upvote playlists just like Spotify soon.

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