YouTube finally allows users to report AI deepfakes of themselves

It’s mindboggling how many lives have been destroyed since the rise of AI-generated content. The fact that you can’t do anything against AI deepfakes of yourself is one of the many issues many people confronted with.

Big social media companies like Meta and Google do very little to protect their customers’ privacy. YouTube has finally announced that it’s expanding its privacy request process to allow users to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content of themselves.

According to the social company, the decision to have a more responsible approach to AI-generated content is related to the fact that AI deepfakes have become more common lately. In other words, they have received so much negative feedback that they’re now forced to make some changes.

In any case, those who would like to request the removal of their AI deepfake(s) must use YouTube’s privacy request process. The service will evaluate the request and consider “a variety of factors before removal,” such as whether the content is altered or synthetic and could be mistaken for real.

However, YouTube doesn’t seem to be too keen on removing what it tags as parody and satire content involving well-known figures. Obviously, YouTube will also check whether the person making the request is identifiable.

Last but not least, YouTube announced that creators notified about privacy complaints will not receive any strikes since privacy violations are separate from Community Guidelines strikes.

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