Jimmy Fallon Googling Chappell Roan Won Late Night This Week

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First things first: Last weekend, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and some other U.S. comedians went on a comedy field trip to the Vatican. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down like that one State sketch. People were respectful and junk, and no one said that Italian F-slur. Fallon did share a bit he stopped himself from doing in front of Papa on The Tonight Show. I appreciate it, even if Francis would not have.

And second things second: Jimmy Kimmel released the list of his summer guest hosts. I love that Kimmel has work-life balance and lets other people try the late-night game every summer. This year’s class of honorary Jameses includes Martin Short, Anthony Anderson, Kathryn Hahn, Kumail Nanjiani, Lamorne Morris, Jeff Goldblum, RuPaul, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman. Presumably, Reynolds and Jackman will host together ahead of their big movie? But that’s in the days of future past. We’re here to talk about the days of future present — and what was funny this week on late-night TV.

Most of this “Indecision 2024” segment on The Daily Show was a sampling of all the alt-right weirdos running for office down-ballot across this mid nation of ours. Upsetting? Sure. But groundbreaking satire? No. These people are insane, have been insane, and will continue to be insane — especially if it gives them basic-cable airtime. But special correspondent Josh Johnson’s closer in this episode nailed the issue — these new politicians are weird, but the old ones were awful too: “The crazy politicians will be ranting about space lasers, and the serious politicians will be on the Epstein list.” Rock the vote!

The siloing of the internet into extra-niche subgenres has been bad for politics, huge for misogyny, and fascinating from a sociological standpoint. My FYP looks nothing like your FYP, unless your FYP is also 80 percent Reddit AITA posts and Chinese head-spa ASMR. After Midnight is, in theory, about shit that goes viral, but nothing goes viral for everyone anymore. Thankfully, the writers have turned this bug into a feature with the “Share and Tell” game, where guests are asked to bring the most upsetting thing they’ve come across on the internet. Each one is unique — like a snowflake!

Surprise, surprise: Dakota Johnson was chaotic on a late-night show. This time, it was her dress falling apart on Jimmy Kimmel Live! But things were already weird before that. First, apparently she and Kimmel are neighbors, and he’s been warning her about trees she needs to have cut down. Joke’s on Kimmel, because the dang tree fell on Dakota’s house, not his. Second, she got to play a round of Kimmel’s game where you guess who’s high. She played it weird, natch. To determine who is high, guests can ask any question. The Q Johnson chose? “Who would win in a fight: Dakota Johnson or Dakota Fanning?” Then she said the guy answered wrong. I love her.

It’s been a huge week for Late Night bad-boy Mike Scollins. Luke Wilson knows who he is, which is huge … and compared him to Gaddafi, which is … troubling. But then, during Tuesday’s “Surprise Inspection” segment, one of his jokes made a woman shriek. I won’t spoil it for you, but maybe Wilson was right.

And the white swan! She was both swans, guys. Roan got to spend some desk time with Fallon, and it was worth it. When Fallon said he’d Googled her, Roan was quick with the line “Did you not know who I was before?” She then threatened to Google Fallon right back. Great stuff. Roan was charming and witty, and she click-clacked her nails in applause. She shouted out Sasha Colby. She demanded pop music be fun, and damn it, she is right! It’s everything we want from TV in Pride month.

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