Google Pixel’s AI wallpapers might soon be sharable with Android 15

Wallpaper screenshot credit — Google | Composition by PhoneArena

Wallpapers can breathe new life into our phones, and as Google understands this well, the company introduced a feature with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro that allows users to create their own wallpapers using AI. While the feature was initially limited to certain models, it has since then been expanded to other Pixel models, such as the Pixel 8a. These AI-generated wallpapers have become a favorite among users for their unique and personalized designs. However, sharing them hasn’t been easy, until now.

As shared by user @the_husbandalorian on Threads, with its recently released Android 15 beta version 3, Google is developing a new option to share AI-generated wallpapers. This new feature is located in the wallpaper picker interface, where users can now find a share button on the preview screen. This interface lets users see how their wallpaper would look on their home and lock screens, and includes a share button alongside a pencil icon, allowing users to refine the prompt used to create the wallpaper.
Unfortunately, the sharing functionality is not yet working, as trying to upload the wallpaper to any application, such Google Drive, yields an error. However, it does appear to be a work in progress and could mean that it could be enabled in a future Android 15 beta or stable release. This would allow Pixel users to share their creative visions with friends and family, or even inspire others to create their own unique wallpapers.
Android 15 beta 3 new wallpaper picker on a Pixel Fold featuring an edit and sharing button, followed by an error message that appears when attempting to share

| Image credit — PhoneArena

This development is welcome news for Pixel users who have been looking for ways to share their unique AI-created wallpapers with others. While it may take some time for the feature to become fully functional, it’s clear that Google is taking steps to make its AI wallpaper feature more user-friendly and versatile.

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