All the Details on Chappell Roan’s (Blonde! Bird!) Beauty for Jimmy Fallon

Your favorite artist’s favorite artist, Chappell Roan, blessed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with her presence last night. To celebrate the moment, she came armed to the curl in extreme beauty.

“You’re known for your on-stage looks,” Fallon says during their interview, pulling out a collage of Roan at events like Governor’s Ball, where she came fully glammed as the Statue of Liberty.

“My stylist Genesis Webb and I pull from drag, horror movies, burlesque, theater—I love looking pretty and scary,” Roan reveals. For Tonight, bird was the word when it came to inspiration. Roan revealed that 2003’s Barbie of Swan Lake was the moodboard for the evening. To create the vision, her signature red curls were transformed by hairstylist Dom Forletta into a bleach blonde mane (a wig or hers, only time will tell), her eyebrows blocked, and feathers strategically placed by makeup wizard Andrew Dahling to frame her eyes. During her appearance on the show, she wore two different feathered outfits to represent White Swan queen Odette and Black Swan Odile.

“The blonde really enhanced the sort of ethereal, swan look we were going for here,” Forletta tells us exclusively. “Yes, it’s a wig! A wig and a lot of extensions because we wanted to match the fullness of Chappell’s real hair.” To get her signature curls, he uses “a combination of the ghd Thin Curling Wand and classic figure 8 waves using hairpins.” The final touch for higher-than-high hair R&Co’s Balloon Dry Volume Spray.

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Throughout the interview, Roan chews gum and clacks her nails designed by Juan Alvear—which we would describe as 6-inch talons. “When you look at them up close, each nail mimics the quill of a plucked feather,” Alvear says. “I achieved this look using Artic Jelly and Buttercup Jelly from Essie in a gradient from opaque to translucent, then adding in striation detailing. I also applied long wisps of ostrich feathers for the full effect. I wanted them to have movement and stage presence while Chappell performed.”

During her chat with Fallon, the singer revealed something about herself that just makes sense after reading our Coachella interview: if music didn’t work out, she wanted to go to school to be an esthetician. We’d love to know the full routine, hopefully there’s a Beauty Secrets in the future.

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