Sonos somehow manages to piss off its customers again

After the whole “redesigned app” debacle, Sonos achieved the incredible feat of angering its customers a second time in less than two months. The audio company recently updated its privacy policy and removed an important line, which was a promise that the company would not sell the personal information of its customers.What makes this even worse for Sonos is that the line has only been removed from the updated US policy, so if you live in another country, chances are that your personal information is safe (for now at least).

The change was spotted by repair technician and consumer privacy advocate Louis Rossmann (via The Verge), who noticed that the following line is now missing from the US privacy policy: “Sonos does not and will not sell personal information about our customers.”

Strangely enough, this change puts the app’s new design in a new light. Many of the app’s offline features have been removed and just about every new and current feature seems to be tracked via Sonos’ cloud platform.

It looks like Sonos is trying to get as much personal data as possible and sell it to the highest bidder, at least in the US where legislation is more permissive when it comes to these things.

Sonos hasn’t yet commented on the updated privacy policy yet, but we’ll keep you updated in case the company rolls back the changes.

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