This generous Pixel 6a discount is still in the spotlight and awaits your attention

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon-owned merchant Woot made the Pixel 6a the best value-for-money phone for cash-strapped Google fans. At the time, you could get the $349 phone for just $249.99! Fast forward to today, and the amazing promo is still here! So, if you need a quality budget phone, this is the most affordable one to get right now.

By the way, Woot’s 28% markdown is one of the largest discounts we’ve seen for this bad boy. Over at Amazon, for instance, you’ll now find it for just 15% off.

It’s a given that this Google phone is no spring chicken. But the more contemporary Pixel 7a is currently over $400 at Amazon, which could be a tad too expensive for some users. Plus, although launched in 2022, the budget phone will receive software patches until 2027.

It’s not just because it’ll remain trendy for another three years – the Pixel 6a is a great little handset through and through. It has a good-looking 6.1-inch OLED screen. Refresh rates here are just 60Hz, so keep that in mind. Under the hood, you’ve got a Tensor G1 chipset, which pairs nicely with 6GB RAM, giving you snappy performance for the price.

Smartphone photography enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the camera setup on this budget-friendly Google phone, too. In fact, it’s easily one of the best camera phones in the $250-ish range, giving you color-accurate photos with a good amount of detail from its 12MP wide and 12MP ultra-wide rear sensors. The 8MP front camera isn’t half bad, either. Browse the camera samples in our Pixel 6a review for more details.

The truth is, until the latest Pixel 8a gets a discount (or its predecessor receives a more substantial one), the Pixel 6a remains the best value-for-money device from Google. If you’re short on cash but need a decent new phone with a compact size and a large 4,410mAh battery, this is the one to get. Woot’s deal will remain live for just another 13 days or until supplies run out.

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