The reliable JBL Live 660NC are now half off through this stunning Amazon deal

Are you seeking a decent set of over-ear headphones with great noise cancelation? Look no further and grab the JBL Live 660NC quickly! These fantastic headphones are now half off, a price we’ve only seen during Black Friday events! The head-turning deal is in the spotlight at Amazon, where it may not remain active for long.

Usually, these $200 headphones get discounts in the 35% range, which lands them at about $130. But now, Amazon is turning heads with this huge promo that slams them under the $100 mark. Then again, not all three colors sell at that price. You can only get the models in Black and Blue at 50% off, while the White coating is 40% cheaper than usual.

Certainly not the best high-end wireless headphones on the market, these offer plenty of value for money right now. They feature very decent passive isolation and surprisingly good ANC for their asking price. You can expect these cans’ noise canceling technology to substantially reduce traffic noise. Still, don’t expect them to rival the ANC used in the much more expensive Sony WH-1000XM5.

Then you also have respectable audio quality with plenty of bass. While you may occasionally may not sound vocals super crisp in all situations, that shouldn’t be a drawback for many users. Plus, you can use the EQ presets in the JBL Headphones app to adjust the sound to your taste.

Last but surely not least, the Live 660NC stand out with great battery life. You can expect up to 40 hours of your favorite music with ANC turned on. In case you don’t need noise canceling, you can get another 10 hours of playtime. There’s even a fast-charging option on deck!

Here are our two cents: if you need dependable headphones with great noise canceling features and a price tag of under $100, these are the ones to get! At that price, they beat many of the best budget headphones. So, take advantage of Amazon’s limited-time deal while you can.

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