Google reportedly canceling YouTube Premium subscriptions purchased using VPNs for lower pricing

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Users who have been enjoying YouTube Premium at a discounted rate through the use of VPNs are now facing cancellations, as Google is reportedly cracking down on this practice. A recent Reddit thread revealed that numerous subscribers, who had been using VPNs to access lower-priced subscriptions in countries like Ukraine, had their memberships abruptly terminated.This move by Google appears to be an effort to enforce regional pricing policies for YouTube Premium. The service offers varying rates for different markets based on local economic conditions and consumer expectations. By utilizing VPNs to mask their location, users were able to bypass these regional restrictions and subscribe at significantly lower prices.

According to this report, while some users have reported success in contacting customer service and reinstating their memberships, others have been informed that their cancellations are due to a change in location. Furthermore, they were advised that they need to re-subscribe using a local payment method and address to access the appropriate pricing for their region.

YouTube Premium cancellation email sent to Redditor Alopez1024 reportedly for using a VPN to subscribe

It’s worth noting that this crackdown is not just limited to Ukraine. Users from various countries who have been utilizing VPNs to access cheaper YouTube Premium subscriptions have also reported cancellations. This suggests a broader effort by Google to ensure fair pricing across different markets and prevent users from exploiting regional pricing differences.

For those who have been affected by these cancellations, the options are limited. They can either re-subscribe using their actual location and payment details, which will likely result in a higher monthly fee, or explore alternative ad-blocking solutions which also goes against YouTube’s terms of service.

This situation highlights the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between companies like Google and users who seek ways to access services at lower costs. While VPNs can offer various benefits, such as increased privacy and security, using them to circumvent regional pricing policies raises some concerns.

It is important to note, however, that it has not been confirmed by Google that this is what is actually happening. Regardless, we advise caution on the use of workarounds to access YouTube Premium benefits in order to avoid issues with your account.

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