Google’s Gemini may soon talk your ear off with multiple voice options

The race for the smartest AI assistant is heating up, with ChatGPT and Gemini (and Apple recently joining the party, too) battling it out. Now, it looks like Google is blurring the lines between its brainy Gemini and the reliable Assistant even more.

New voices on the horizon for Gemini

For now, Google’s Gemini does not allow users to choose different voices for its voice responses. However, a recent discovery in the latest beta version of the Google app for Android (version beta) reveals a new option under Voice settings called Voice selection, suggesting that this functionality may soon be added.

The setting description allows users to “Choose which voice should be preferred for speech responses for Search.” It includes two new voices named Ruby and River. However, when selected, these voices do not produce any sound, leaving uncertainty about whether they are entirely fresh additions or renamed versions of existing Google Assistant voices.

In the Google app, you will find separate settings for its two digital assistants: Google Assistant and Gemini. Currently, Google Assistant’s settings let you choose from 12 different voices, but the Gemini settings don’t provide this option yet.

If Gemini is indeed getting voice selection, it probably won’t be limited to just two voices for long. OpenAI has already demonstrated the impressive vocal capabilities of ChatGPT 4o, including a notable incident where one of its voices strongly resembled Scarlett Johansson, sparking some controversy.

For now, Gemini and Google Assistant stand out as unique AI helpers from Google, each shining in their own specialties. If you lean towards natural language understanding and handling complex tasks, giving Gemini a try could be worthwhile despite potential limitations on features and device compatibility.

Conversely, if you need an all-around assistant that excels in managing smart home devices and supports a wide range of gadgets, sticking with Google Assistant is the safer bet for now.

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