Dogecoin Sees Monumental Surge In Transactions As Whales Spend $129 Million

Dogecoin is currently at a critical price junction that might determine its price trajectory in the short term. Although the meme coin has witnessed a significant price drop in the past seven days, recent whale activity suggests that the tide might change soon. Notably, large holders of DOGE have been taking advantage of the price drop to accumulate millions of DOGE. Per data from Santiment, an on-chain analytics platform, addresses holding between 10 million and 100 million Dogecoins have collectively accumulated more than $129 million worth of DOGE in the past seven days.

Dogecoin Whales Accumulate DOGE

According to the on-chain data from Santiment, whales have increased their accumulation in the past week despite the price decline for the meme coin. Remarkably, these whale addresses have bought over 900 million tokens in seven days, suggesting their faith in DOGE despite the price downturn.

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Consequently, on-chain data shows the number of coins owned by this cohort of traders has increased by approximately 5% to a collective 18 billion tokens.

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A look at the chart above reveals that the collective holdings of these whale wallets have generally been on an uptick since the last week of March. During periods of price increases, the accumulation has typically exhibited an upward tendency and remained stable during periods of price drops. However, the recent accumulation is different because it comes alongside a corresponding price decrease, showing a different strategy from the whale wallets.

Interestingly, similar data from IntoTheBlock suggests a similar increase in activity on DOGE alongside the whale accumulation. This uptick in activity saw around 9.29 billion DOGE tokens traded in the past 24 hours. Additionally, 1,500 transactions were concluded in the past 24 hours, implying traders are actively exchanging DOGE.

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How Whale Transactions Impact DOGE Price

Considering its meme coin status, Dogecoin is highly influenced by sentiment among traders and particularly huge investors. These big investors, known as “whales” in crypto lingo, can have a significant impact on Dogecoin’s price when they move their funds around. Their buying activity triggers bullish momentum by pumping up demand, which drives the price higher as other traders follow their lead.

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Interestingly, this recent whale accumulation comes as a much-needed catalyst for bullish momentum. At the time of writing, DOGE is trading at $0.1428 and has been down by 11.29% in the past seven days. However, this decline seems to be slowing down, with DOGE only registering a 0.6% loss in the past 24 hours. According to a crypto analyst, this spiral towards $0.14 is forming an important generational bottom for DOGE.

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