Snatch this affordable Soundcore Motion speaker at its best price on Amazon

If you need a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker with multiple EQ customization options and a budget-friendly price, the Soundcore Motion 300 should be on your radar. While not the most popular portable Bluetooth speaker, this one costs just under $80 when it’s not on sale. But if you get one on Amazon right now, you can save 20%. This drops the price tag below the $65 mark.

This markdown may not seem like much, but it’s the best one we’ve seen for this puppy (at least for now.) The cherry on top of this already sweet deal is that you won’t find the compact speaker at the same price on Best Buy and Walmart. So, if you’re willing to try it out, now’s the time – Amazon’s promo will remain active only for a short while. 

Right off the bat, we should note that the Soundcore speaker has an IPX7 rating. What does this mean? It’s well protected against water but lacks dust resistance. So, you might want to reconsider if you intend to let it roll in the sand. Or, you can simply opt for one of the best waterproof speakers for the summer instead. Most of those have dust as well as water resistance.

With that in mind, the Motion 300 is a handsome little fella. It’s built like a tank to survive your outdoor adventures while pumping up the heat with Hi-Res sound. The speaker has SmartTune Technology as well. This one is designed to keep sound consistent regardless of how you orient it. 

As we hinted, one of this bad boy’s most impressive features is the extraordinarily rich EQ customization it provides. Out of the box, it gives you a largely clear and enjoyable sound, but there’s not much bass (understandable, considering its size). Fortunately, you have a BassUP EQ setting that adds some low-end to your groove, which is more than enough, considering its small form factor. 

With a battery life of up to 13 hours per charge – more than the JBL Flip 6, and even a built-in microphone, this puppy is indeed a winner on the budget speaker front. Go ahead and test it for yourself while Amazon’s limited-time promo is still available.

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