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Qi2 is slowly but surely going to become the next big thing in wireless charging tech. It’s a new standard, developed between a few companies, most notably with Apple on board. Why is this a big deal? MagSafe!Yep, Apple has allowed the magnetic ring to be added as an official component of Qi2, essentially making MagSafe available for everybody — even Android phones. On the flip side, iPhone owners aren’t limited to MagSafe accessories only — anything that is Qi2 will work with an iPhone perfectly, sticking magnetically to it and charging it optimally.

Perfect time for ESR’s new MagSafe accessories!

ESR has been specializing in making wireless chargers that run cool and charge efficiently — often faster than the official accessories. And now, you can enjoy new Qi2 products from the company:

Qi2 3-in-1 Travel Wireless Charging Set

This is the ultimate travel set for wireless charging — when unfolded and fully installed, it can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once. It also doubles as a stand for the iPhone, so you can continue viewing content or take a FaceTime call. The Apple Watch puck is detachable, so you can take it with you — when you need to charge your Apple Watch on the go — just attach the puck to a USB C charger.

The foldable design allows you to easily store the 3-in-1 Travel Wireless Charging Set anywhere. And, if you only need to charge your iPhone a bit, you don’t need to unfold it — just use it as if it’s a wireless charging mat. Strong magnets will latch on to the iPhone and ensure continuous strong 15 W wireless charging.

Qi2 mini Charger

Sporting the ESR HaloLock tech, which means it has a very strong magnetic latch (1,200 gf), which ensures the cable will not be pulled off the iPhone, and it will ensure the optimal charging in all cases. The Qi2 mini Charger gives you 15 W as per Qi2 spec.

The charger has a long 5 ft cable, ensuring that you have the convenience to charge no matter where the wallplug is installed. The cable base is reinforced and its sleeve is braided — tested to withstand at least 6,000 bends.

Qi2 3-in-1 Watch Wireless Charging Set

A charging stand for your full mobile Apple flock — a good fit for your nightstand at home, or work desk at the office. Charge your iPhone on the 15 W MagSafe charger, your AirPods on the pad below it, and an Apple Watch on the detachable puck. It keeps the space tidy and clutter-free, and the Watch puck can be pulled out so you can take it with you and charge the Apple Watch on the go. The MagSafe stand holds the iPhone with a force of 1,000 gf, and charges it continuously with the certified 15 W of power. You can continue using the phone, in portrait or landscape, as the angle allows for content consumption or hands-free video calls easily.

Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

A stable mount, which comes with accessories to either securely clip it either to the air vent mount, or stick it to the dashboard. The magnetic ring in the charger itself will hold your iPhone with a force of 1,600 gf — same goes for Android phones that will come with Qi2 in the near future.

It will charge your device quickly with the full 15 W power, as per Qi2 standards. Since it’s a flat disc surface, you can rotate your phone in landscape or portrait, for any navigation or viewing need.

More ESR Qi2 chargers

ESR is rolling out more innovative chargers and solutions in the coming days. You can view all the hands-freeing accessories on the specialized Amazon landing page here:

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