Apple reveals the latest iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 adoption figures

You don’t have to be a phone nerd to be naturally curious about the adoption rate of current iOS and Android software. It used to be interesting to see the Android distribution figures every month. Of course, with the fragmentation that remains a hallmark of the platform, the most recent major build of the OS was never found on most Android phones although that has recently changed. Because Apple makes both the software and the phone, iOS distribution numbers have different results. You would be surprised if a version of the latest major iOS release was not found on a vast majority of iPhones.
According to stats listed on the Apple Developer website, 86% of all iPhone units introduced over the last four years are running an iOS 17 build. A much lower 11% have a version of iOS 16 driving their iPhone and 3% have their iPhone powered by an older iOS build.

The above numbers showed the adoption rates for iOS on iPhone models introduced over the last four years. If we look at all currently active iPhone models, 77% of them are using a version of iOS 17. 14% of all iPhones in use today are powered by an iOS 16 build, and 9% of these iPhones have a version of iOS 15 or older installed. It would be interesting to know the oldest version of iOS that is currently still being employed on an iPhone.

Now suppose we turn our attention to the iPad. 77% of all iPad models introduced over the last four years are powered by an iPadOS 17 build of the operating system. 15% of these tablets are equipped with a version of iPadOS 16 while 8% have an older iPadOS build installed.

Looking at all active iPad models, 68% are running a version of iPadOS 17, while a build of the iPadOS 16 operating system drives 17% of active iPad models. 15% are powered by an older iPadOS build.

All of the data is based on iPhone and iPad models that completed a transaction on the App Store this past Sunday, June 9th.

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