Apple’s AI features to be put on an iOS 18 beta waiting list

While the integrated Apple Intelligence suite that was announced for Apple’s operating systems failed to impress investors, and its stock actually fell after the unveiling, iPhone and Mac users are certainly waiting to check it out and pass their own judgement.

They will have to wait a bit longer, though, as it seems that, even if they install iOS 18, they might still be put on a waiting list for some or all of the Apple Intelligence features. 
Aptly named Graymatter, Apple’s iOS 18 AI undertaking is referenced in code strings that read things like “Join the Graymatter Waiting List” or “Joined Waitlist” and “limited preview.”
While Graymatter is in limited preview, you may experience unusually slow responses when not in a supported region,” adds another one, hinting at a limited rollout, whether in the iOS 18 beta stage, or afterward when Apple Intelligence features arrive to the iPhone 15 Pro and later phones.

We should know very soon whose iPhone will be on the waiting list for the Apple Intelligence limited preview option as the iOS 18 beta will enter testing in the summer. 

While Apple has built its own AI servers and operating system to service the Apple Intelligence technologies permeating iOS 18, it would want to gauge the load better before the public release so as not to give users a bad experience with functions not working or moving slow due to high demand.

The slow response reference might also mean that Apple Intelligence is only geared to certain markets and could be rolled out more gradually or not with the full list of features everywhere. 

In short, Apple’s AI revolution will come with its characteristic slow and steady style, for now covering features that are already available elsewhere, just integrated as seamlessly as possible into iOS 18.

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