At long last, Apple announces home screen app icon customizations

The WWDC Keynote is under way and as expected, Apple announced a way for iPhone users to customize their home screens.  You’ll be able to move these app icons around to frame your wallpaper or just because you like the way it looks. Not only will home screen app icons get a Dark Mode look, you’ll be able to use a slider on the bottom of the screen to adjust the colors of the icons. Users will also receive suggestions based on the color theme of their wallpaper. Of course, we’ve already seen that on Android.

Still, this is a major change to iOS which has long been criticized and ridiculed for keeping users’ app icons in the same old grid. With the new custom app icons, everyone’s iPhone will be as different as they are. And while this change has nothing to do with AI, it still is a major new upgrade for iPhone users who have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

This is breaking news. Please check in for updates.

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