Is A Bitcoin Crash Below $50,000 Still Possible? Crypto Analyst Shares The Possibilities

The Bitcoin price has stalled after hitting the $71,000 level, floating in what is essentially a limbo of indecisiveness. Naturally, periods like these act as a predecessor to a massive move, but what direction the price might be headed in is another thing entirely. In an effort to pinpoint where Bitcoin is going, crypto analyst Alan Santana has analyzed the Bitcoin chart and come up with a possible direction.

Bitcoin Could Be Headed Downward

Alan Santana’s analysis looks at the Bitcoin performance over the past year in a bid to tell where the price might be headed. As the analyst points out, the Bitcoin price has been in a bullish wave for more than one year, 479 days to be exact, since November 2022 through to March 2024.

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Naturally, when bullish waves like these last for so long, it is expected that there will be a crash downward as investors begin to sell off their holdings. The problem is that bearish waves after a bullish wave move faster, and with the bullish wave lasting for 16 months, the bearish wave is expected to unravel quickly. As the crypto analyst points out, it is often 2x or 2.5x faster than the bullish wave.

Explaining the reason behind this, Alan Santana said that, “When the market is rising, people are buying, slowly but surely, building up a position and enjoying the market and profits as everything grows. This is not the case when the market turns.”

He further explains that “When a correction happens, people either prepare in advance or sell when they realize that the upward potential has been exhausted. So instead of ‘building a position,’ when the majority of players realize that the wave is over they tend to close the entire position, and thus, the down move can really speed up, and that’s why the down move is faster than when prices grow.”

Given this, the crypto analyst expects the bearish wave to come with a sharp crash for Bitcoin. This, by extension, would affect the rest of the market, which is known to suffer more than Bitcoin.

Where Is The BTC Price Headed From Here?

In the bearish wave expected by the crypto analyst, he believes that the Bitcoin price could crash more than 30% from its current price of $71,000. The chart shows a possible initial crash down to the $60,000 levels, and then he expects it to continue further.

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At the bottom of this crash is the $47,943 level, presumably where the analyst expects the crash to end. If this does happen, then the BTC price could be looking at an approximately 33% crash, something that could be incredibly bearish for the market.

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