21 Best Part-Time Jobs That Actually Pay Well

Part-time jobs that pay can benefit many people in different situations. However, almost everyone would likely agree that they’d want to take on one of the best part-time jobs if they’re going to have one.

You might prefer a part-time job to a full-time one to have some breathing room in your budget. Or you need a part-time job to help with retirement, savings goals, or even debt.

Whatever your goal, you should know which part-time jobs pay the most. We’ve got several options for you to choose from.

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

I’ve held part-time jobs since I was 13 years old. I like the idea of having a part-time job for several reasons, and you might also like having one. 

Part-time jobs are great for boosting income. Whether you’re saving for a new car, a vacation, or simply building up your emergency fund, having the extra money is nice.

In addition, having one or more part-time jobs helps bring variety to your work life. It provides a change of pace and can also help you gain more skills.

Check out this list of part-time jobs that pay well and can bring more variety into your life. We’ve even included estimated wage amounts from popular job search sites such as Indeed. 

1. Consultant

Average pay: $44.31 per hour

Do you have an exceptional skillset? If so, you may want to share that skillset by working part-time as a consultant. 

As a consultant, you will help your clients by assessing and analyzing their situation and devising solutions to improve it. Consultants work for companies, individuals, and small businesses alike.

Where to find work: Determine where your area of expertise lies, then design your independent consulting business around your area of expertise. Check online job sites as well.

2. Freelance Writer

Average pay: $26.22 per hour

Of course, I’m a bit partial to this part-time gig. Freelance writing income has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my kids. 

With freelance writing, you can typically choose your hours. You can work for whom you want to work and write in the genres that best fit your skills and interests.

In addition, you can work for someone else, getting paid by the word or by the hour, or you can get paid to write a book

Where to find work: You can find freelancing jobs on sites such as Upwork, which specializes in such openings. You can also visit traditional job sites. 

Another option is to contact the owners of your favorite blogs and ask if they need a writer. 

3. Medical Coder

Average pay: $25.55 per hour

A medical coder (or coding specialist) works in the billing department of hospitals or clinics. As a medical coder, you must enter the correct medical codes into documents submitted to insurance for payment.

Attention to detail is significant in this job. So is knowledge of medical terminology and the ability to keep confidential information private. 

Where to find pay: Search online job sites or for job openings on hospital or clinic websites.

4. Virtual Assistant

Average pay: $24.93 per hour

Virtual assistants perform various tasks for business and website owners. They might make appointments, talk with customers, or do other tasks. 

In addition, you might manage a team of writers, update websites, or handle social media tasks. This is a good job for an organized person.

Where to find work: Search online at sites such as Upwork.

5. Tutor

Average pay: $24.20 per hour

Do you have a certain school subject in which you excel? Are you a Math whiz? A science major? An avid history buff? Do you enjoy working with students? 

Why not make some money with those skills by working as a tutor? You can work for a tutoring company or start your own business. Check out our article on the best online tutoring jobs as well. 

Where to find work: Contact local schools and colleges or sign up at a tutoring center near you. Online tutor sites such as Chegg allow you to work from home. 

6. Proofreader

Average pay: $22.53 per hour

Are you good at paying attention to detail? Do you enjoy finding and correcting errors? If so, you may enjoy working as a proofreader. 

Proofreaders are hired to find and correct mistakes in various documents. Publishing companies, transcription companies, and other businesses need proofreaders.

Where to find work: Online job sites are a great place to start. However, you may want to read this article on 25 ways to make money as a proofreader for more ideas.

7. Graphic Designer

Average pay: $22.24 per hour

As a graphic designer, you can earn money in several ways. Website design, visual content for marketing avenues, and logo design are all ways you can make money if you have graphic design skills.

You could even design and sell t-shirts on a site such as Redbubble. Where to find work: Check out job sites like Indeed to find part-time W-2 jobs or start your own business.

8. Bookkeeper 

Average pay: $22.11 per hour

You might enjoy working as a bookkeeper if you like numbers and dealing with financial reports. Many small businesses are searching for a part-time person to keep track of books. 

In this job, you would keep track of all the money going in and coming out of a business. It can be a good part-time job for someone who likes working quietly and alone. 

Where to find work: Job sites like Indeed and Upwork are good places to start. Or, read our article on ways to work from home as a bookkeeper.

9. Nanny

Average pay: $21.73 per hour

If you like working with kids, you might want to consider a part-time job as a nanny. Nannies are a step up from traditional babysitters and are almost regarded as second mothers or family members. 

You’ll be expected to perform various roles, from making meals to housekeeping to driving kids back and forth to activities. 

Where to find work: Create a profile on a site like Care.com where you can showcase your skills and share your experience. Check Facebook and local newspaper ads as well.

10. Medical Transcriptionist

Average pay: $20.12 per hour

Working as a medical transcriptionist involves transcribing written or audio reports from doctors or other medical personnel.

To do well at this job, you’ll need to be able to type very fast with little or no errors. Listening well is an important skill required for transcription work as well. 

Where to find work: Search online job sites. To learn more, consider taking a course such as Transcribe Anywhere. 

11. House Cleaner

Average pay: $19.55 per hour

Do you enjoy cleaning houses? Do you have a gift for making homes sparkle? Working as a house cleaner might be a great part-time job for you.

Depending on your job, you can choose which house cleaning jobs you will and will not do, the days and hours you work, and more. 

Where to find work: House cleaner jobs are readily available on job sites such as Facebook. Another idea: You could start your own house cleaning business.

12. Event Worker

Average pay: $19.44 hour

When you work as an event staff person, you’ll be hired to complete various jobs related to events such as concerts, conferences, and more. 

You may be hired to serve food, direct guests, or set up and clean up before and after an event. This could be an excellent job for you if you like to work with people in a fast-paced environment.

Where to find work: Check Indeed or similar sites for event staff jobs. 

13. Food Deliverer

Average pay: $19.14 per hour

If you want to drive to make extra cash, you might want to consider food delivery. You’ll earn a set amount for each delivery and can earn tips, too. 

This job is best suited for someone with a car with good gas mileage or who can bike or walk to deliveries (where allowed).

Where to find work: Delivery apps such as DoorDash are the most common way to get food delivery work. The best delivery apps to work for provide flexible scheduling, flexible pay, and bonus income opportunities.

14. Delivery Driver

Average pay: $19.14 per hour

As a delivery driver, you can work delivering boxes for Amazon, FedEx, or similar companies. You don’t always need a CDL to provide for these companies; some have you drive your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a more interactive delivery job, why not consider delivering people to their destinations? Our article on how to make money driving for Uber can help you learn more. 

15. Dog Walker

Average pay: $18.53 per hour

If you like dogs, consider working as a dog walker. This is one of the best part-time jobs because it pays well and typically allows you to set your hours.

In addition, you can often walk several dogs at once, increasing your hourly wage. 

Where to find work: You can advertise your services on local Facebook pages. You could create a profile on a site such as Rover, too. See our full Rover review to learn more about finding work here.

16. Customer Service Representative

Average pay: $18.52 per hour

Do you enjoy working with customers? Are you patient and helpful? If so, you may find working as a customer service representative enjoyable.

Stores, businesses, and online companies often have openings for customer service representatives. 

Where to find work: Search online job sites or Facebook’s job page to find openings. 

17. Warehouse Worker

Average pay: $17.73 per hour

If you want to work as a warehouse worker, you must be prepared to do some heavy lifting–as much as 50 to 60 pounds. 

You’ll get your exercise doing this job and be able to work nearly any shift that fits your schedule. Warehouse workers for big companies like UPS work shifts around the clock.

Where to find work: Local job ads or on the job site for the company you want to work for. 

18. Server

Average pay: $17.14 per hour

Are you good with people? Do you have the ability to remain focused and kind in high-energy situations? If so, you may enjoy working as a server. 

Although often a fast-paced job, servers get to interact with people and can earn even more money through tips. This is a great part-time job that pays.

Where to find work: Check at local restaurants, bars, and grills. You can also look for openings online at job sites. 

19. Office Cleaner

Average pay: $15.29 per hour

As an office cleaner, you’ll be hired to clean office buildings, including bathrooms, kitchenettes, and more. 

This type of work is usually done at night or early in the morning when businesses are closed. Notice that the average pay is less than what a house cleaner would earn.

Cleaning offices usually don’t involve as much work as people tend to be cleaner than at home.

Where to find work: Online job sites are your best bet for finding this type of work.

20. Digital Printable Shop Owner

Average pay: Varies

Do you have a creative side? Are you gifted at making up funny or encouraging sayings? You can make cash by creating digital designs to sell on Etsy. Selling digital designs is one of the four best ways to make money on Etsy.

You can choose what you sell when you work on your business, fitting the work into your schedule.

Where to find work: Start your shop on Etsy or a similar site. To learn more about the work, consider taking an e-printables course. 

21. Retail Arbitrage Specialist

Average pay: Varies

A retail arbitrage specialist buys items at a bargain price and then resells them for profit. It’s a fun part-time gig that can earn you a lot of cash if you learn the ropes. 

Success lies in knowing the right buy and sell price points and in learning where to find and sell your items.

Where to find work: Our article on how to make money with retail arbitrage is a great place to start. 

Final Thoughts

The best part-time jobs that pay well will fit into your life schedule, utilize your talents, and pay well.

Part-time jobs offer more than a paycheck; they cultivate invaluable skills and experiences crucial for personal and professional growth.

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