Galaxy Z Fold 6 colors: all the hues to expect

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is not yet official, but it’s already in the rumor mill, as usual. Reputable leaker Ross Young has shared what the colors for Samsung’s next premium foldable phone are probably going to be.

Here’s what the color palette may look like, according to leaks and rumors. This may help you prepare when the phone officially launches, so you can know what to expect and which shade to go for.

Rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 colors

The Fold isn’t usually available in many colors, unlike the Galaxy Flip models. This seems to be true for this year’s foldable as well, and it comes with a pretty limited color palette. Of course, none of these colors are confirmed and are still only rumored or leaked.


Young is talking about a deep blue color option that is reportedly going to be called Navy. The leaker previously called this color dark blue. Usually, this is a business-like shade that gives off a serious vibe. It is ideal for people who’d like to have a touch of color on their phone but would prefer not to draw too much attention. The Navy on the Fold 6 may look similar to the blue Galaxy Z Fold 5 that is pictured above, but it’s possible that the Fold 6’s color may be darker. Also, expect the frame to be painted in a matching color.

Light Pink

Existing Z Fold devices don’t come in a Light Pink option, so this one is a surprise. Usually reserved for Galaxy S models or the fancy Flip series, it will be great if Light Pink is an option for Fold 6 buyers.

We expect something similar to the pinks and violets that Samsung has been using for its phones. One example is the Galaxy S23 Ultra in Light Pink pictured above. It will be indeed very interesting how this color will look on a more serious device such as a Fold.

Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow is another rumored color for the Fold 6. In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is also rumored to come in this color option. We expect a simple but premium look in silver, with the frame painted in the same color for sophistication.

As an example, we have the Gray color of the Fold 5, just to illustrate the shade. However, silver isn’t exactly grey, so it won’t be the exact shade.

Crafted Black

Black on phones is a conservative approach, but never out of style. Reportedly, the Fold 6 is going to also be available in a color called “Crafted Black”, also a color present in the rumored Flip 6 palette.

Expect a black color, obviously, and it may be similar to previous shades. We luckily have a leaked render of the phone in this color, and it does manage to pull off a black look without looking boring.


And the last Fold 6 color rumored for now is White. It gives off a fresh vibe and will make the Fold 6 look stunning. It’s possible this will be an exclusive color, as Young refers to it as a color that would probably be produced in “low volume”.
It is not clear yet whether the White on the Fold 6 will be a warm white (more like the Cream on the Fold 5) or a cool white (similar to snow). Nevertheless, it’s bound to look fresh, simple, and elegant.


The Fold 6’s color palette may not be as rich as the Flip 6, and that’s understandable. The Fold is positioned more as a professional device with a focus on performance and multitasking, instead of a fashion statement such as the Flip. Despite that though, the phone has five rumored color options, so you won’t be without a choice of which one to go for. It’s exciting to see if these will turn out to be true. The Fold 6 is expected to be unveiled in July alongside the Flip 6.

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