The incredible BLUETTI EB3A gives you way more bang for buck at its best price on Amazon

If you’re looking for something affordable to charge your most important essentials while camping, the BLUETTI EB3A is the one for you! This small-sized portable power station is super convenient to use, and it’s now available at its best price on Amazon! At 34% off, it’s a dream come true for sure!

While it’s not every day that we find portable power stations at their best price, the BLUETTI option has actually received this hefty 34% markdown multiple times in 2024. But that isn’t to say you should refrain from getting one now! With its 268Wh capacity and LiFePO4 batteries (for longer cycle life), this station is indeed an incredibly reasonable investment. 

Suitable for home backup besides camping, the EB3A is one of the most affordable portable power stations. It’s not bulky, weighing in at just 10.1 lbs, so you can put it in the trunk of your car or carry it around at home, depending on your needs. 

But what can you use it for? Quite a lot! Granted, it can’t power full-sized fridges, nor can you rely on it to run your coffee maker. That said, mini-fridges, smartphones, laptops, and other equipment can all be charged via your BLUETTI station. It features a total of nine ports, including two 600W Pure Sine Wave AC inverters. Besides those, this bad boy packs one 100W USB-C port for laptop charging and more, two USB-A ports, and a wireless charging pad. Those should be enough to keep your essentials running during a power outage. 

But wait – there’s more! You also get two 5.5mm DC outlets for things like CCTV equipment, LED lights, and more, as well as a standard Cigarette Lighter port. For context, the station should power 60W mini-fridges for over 3.5 hours, and it can also recharge drones about four times and a half. And if you own an iPhone 12, for example, you’d be able to charge it a massive 25 times before the station runs out of juice.

And what happens then? It’s time for a recharge! The station supports Turbo Mode charging at 350W, giving you 0-100% power in as little as 1.3 hours. You can also charge it via the 12V car outlet or rely on solar panels to do the job. Bear in mind that an additional AC+Solar charging option is also supported. 

With BLUETTI App support and even a UPS mode, this station gives you plenty of value for your money now that it’s under $200! If you agree, get yours through Amazon’s limited-time deal.

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