iOS 18 leak promises automatic transcription and AI-powered summarization

Apple is expected to reveal iOS 18 at the upcoming WWDC 2024, starting on June 10. We are all ears for the latest scoop on its AI efforts, especially in boosting the iPhone’s trusty assistant, Siri. Apple’s been dropping hints left and right, suggesting that iOS 18 will be all about AI, and now, a fresh rumor’s doubling down on that notion.

iOS 18 might support automatic audio transcription and summarization

Sources of the Apple-focused media outlet, Apple Insider, suggest that iOS 18 may introduce significantly improved audio transcription and AI-driven summarization to the iPhone. Should these features make it to the public release, users could potentially access real-time transcripts of their recorded audio.
The default Voice Memos app included in Apple’s device lineup will be among the first to receive enhanced capabilities. Early versions of the app will offer a running transcript of each audio recording, functioning similarly to the company’s recent Live Voicemail feature. The transcriptions will take center stage in the app window, replacing the larger graphical representation of recorded audio in the current app.
Transcription is apparently also making its way into the upcoming version of Notes. Pre-release versions of both apps showcase a dedicated transcription button resembling a speech bubble, as per the insiders. Tapping this new speech bubble will reveal a transcription of audio recorded within the app.
The transcription tool will complement the expected audio recording feature in Notes. Additionally, the update will introduce an option for AI-generated summarization of recorded audio, giving you a quick text summary of the main points and action items.

With the AI summarization feature, along with the new in-app audio recording and real-time transcription options, Apple’s Notes app is gearing up to be a real game-changer.

For instance, students could effortlessly record lectures and classes right from the Notes app without needing third-party tools. When recording in the upgraded Notes app, they will have the option to include a transcription and summary within a note, along with other media like images, links, tables, etc.

The upcoming transcription and summarization features are just a slice of Apple’s larger AI push this year. We anticipate enhancements in Safari, including Intelligent Search powered by AI and a tool that uses AI to summarize website content.

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