Go big and save big with 512GB and 1TB Galaxy S24 Ultra units at $250 discounts!

How cool is it to be able to save $200 on probably the best Android phone in the world just a few months after its US commercial debut? Well, what if you could save an even cooler 250 bucks on the state-of-the-art Galaxy S24 Ultra at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy without jumping through any hoops or meeting any sort of special requirements?

This killer new discount improves on the already amazing deals we told you about last week, but only as far as the super-flagship’s 512GB and 1TB storage configurations are concerned. The entry-level 256 gig variant, meanwhile, is still marked down by $200 from a list price of $1,299.99, which is itself not a bad deal by any measure of the word.

Of course, speed-addicted digital hoarders with an eye on their bank accounts will undoubtedly prefer to go for a 512GB model at $250 under its regular price of $1,419.99 or a top-of-the-line 1TB unit fetching 250 bucks less than the usual price of $1,659.99. The latter configuration is exclusively available at Best Buy in a single Titanium Black colorway, mind you, while the 512 gig variant is curiously discounted by $250 in just one hue at Amazon and three (out of four) paint jobs at Best Buy.

All of this strongly suggests that you don’t have a lot of time to maximize your Galaxy S24 Ultra savings without a device trade-in or obligatory upfront carrier activation, especially considering that Samsung is not currently matching (or even coming close to) Amazon and Best Buy’s generosity.
As we discovered in our in-depth Galaxy S24 Ultra review earlier this year, you’re looking at a cameraphone like no other available today, with ultra-advanced and crystal clear zooming capabilities, groundbreaking new AI skills, and an industry-leading software support policy that essentially guarantees the user experience will stay nice and smooth for many years to come.

The ultra-premium titanium construction, incredibly sharp and bright screen, and the 12GB RAM provided across the board are just a few other key reasons why you should not only consider purchasing the S24 Ultra at an unprecedented $250 discount but actually go through with your purchase ASAP. Trust us, you will not be hit with buyer’s remorse anytime soon!

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