Better late than never: Samsung Music App now compatible with Galaxy Buds touch controls

Like many other earbuds available today, Samsung’s wireless earbuds feature a touchpad supporting various gestures. This includes a touch-and-hold gesture, which can be customized for launching apps like Spotify, activating digital assistants, or adjusting volume levels. However, Samsung’s own music app was not fully compatible with the company’s wireless earbuds, but that’s about to change.

The latest update of the Samsung Music app brings this new functionality. To activate it, first update your app and head to the Galaxy Wearable app. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Galaxy Wearable app
  2. Navigate to Touch Controls
  3. Choose Touch and Hold

From there, you can customize the gesture’s function. You also have the option to assign the gesture to either earphone.

For instance, you might set the tap-and-hold gesture on your right earphone to open the Samsung Music app and the same gesture on your left earphone to activate the voice assistant. Plus, remember that this gesture isn’t just for launching the assistant; you can also use it to open any other app you like.

It’s also worth noting that the tap-and-hold gesture will resume playback from the Samsung Music app in the background, so your activities on your phone or tablet won’t be interrupted.

As for why this functionality wasn’t available earlier, only Samsung can answer that question. It’s possible that Samsung didn’t consider its music app to be widely used enough to justify full support. I mean, in today’s world, most people rely on apps that stream music directly from the internet, a feature that Samsung Music lacks. While the app does integrate with Spotify, Samsung doesn’t have its own streaming service.

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