OnePlus and Oppo will bring Google’s AI to some of their phones later this year

At the recent Google Cloud Next ’24 event, the spotlight was on artificial intelligence (AI), which was hardly surprising. Google once again showcased its latest large language model (LLM), Google Gemini, demonstrating its integration across various applications – from retail and customer service to work processes and mobile technology.

Oppo and OnePlus announced they will roll out the Gemini models to their devices

During the event, the tech giant confirmed that both Oppo and OnePlus plan to incorporate the Gemini models into their devices later in 2024. According to a press release from Oppo, this integration will fundamentally transform how users interact with their devices.For those unfamiliar, Gemini is available in several versions, with Gemini Nano being the most widespread. This model is currently available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Additionally, there are two more robust versions, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra, which depend on Google Cloud for functionality, whereas the Nano version runs directly on devices.

Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product for Oppo and OnePlus, highlighted four critical areas where AI is expected to enhance phone usage: efficient resource use, self-learning capabilities, real-world perception, and user creativity. Zhang stated:


While the LLM will be coming to Oppo and OnePlus devices later in the year, the specific models to receive this update have not yet been announced. Details regarding the new features, other than those mentioned at the event, such as news and audio summaries and an AI toolbox, are also still to be confirmed.

This feature lets users erase objects from photos, blending the background seamlessly without any obvious signs of editing. It uses generative AI to get rid of undesired elements from photos, similar to Google’s Magic Eraser. Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite in the newest Galaxy S24 series also provides a similar editing function.

In 2024, both Oppo and OnePlus are set to expand their AI features globally. For example, the aforementioned AI Eraser will be introduced to devices like:


  • Reno 11 Pro
  • Reno 11
  • Reno 11 F
  • Find N3
  • Find N3 Flip

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