Expert Maps Out Timeline For The XRP Price To Cross $1,000

Crypto Expert BarriC has raised eyebrows with his recent analysis of the XRP price, in which he stated that the crypto token could rise to $1,000. As part of his analysis, he also elaborated on why this price level is attainable and not an “arbitrary number” he has pulled out for fun. 

When Will The XRP Price Rise To $1,000?

BarriC suggested in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the XRP price will rise to $1,000 in the next five to ten years. He explained that this would happen due to the new money flowing into the crypto space during that period. Specifically, he alluded to the “400 trillion dollars of personal wealth” and also institutional money yet to come into crypto, which could help drive up XRP’s price. 

To drive home his point, he drew his followers’ attention to the Spot Bitcoin ETFs and how they have so far contributed to Bitcoin’s bullish momentum and price surge. As such, he believes that XRP could also benefit from such institutional demand once institutions begin to show interest in other crypto ETFs like a potential XRP Spot ETF.

BarriC boldly claimed that to say that XRP will not hit $1,000 “is to say that the entire crypto market as a whole will never grow or evolve or that new money will not come in.” He also suggested that the only way the XRP price wouldn’t hit $1,000 was if Ripple somehow failed in everything they had set out to do. 

However, he believes all that is unlikely and that the crypto space and Ripple will continue to grow the same way they have since 2016, even though he admitted that people “aren’t ready to fathom price action like a $1,000 $XRP.” He added that this is the same way no one in 2016 could have fathomed Bitcoin at $74,000, but it eventually happened. 

XRP To $2,500 Is Also A Possibility

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto once raised the possibility of the XRP price hitting $2,500 by 2029 while sharing his encounter with a top banker. Egrag mentioned that the banker told him XRP would hit this price level, and he agreed. Like BarriC, Egrag claimed that the banker spoke about how ETH hitting $2,500 seemed impossible then, but it happened. 

However, XRP YouTuber Moon Lambo will have reservations about these price predictions. He once suggested that there isn’t enough money in the world to drive XRP’s price to four or five digits. He also noted that any new money that flows into crypto won’t only go into the XRP ecosystem. As such, one can’t base such an ambitious price prediction solely on money that has yet to come into crypto. 

At the time of writing, the XRP price is trading at around $0.60, up in the last 24 hours according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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