Crypto Expert Releases List Of Top 10 Altcoins To Buy For Maximum Profit In The Bull Market

Crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe has repeatedly stated that altcoins are still greatly undervalued heading into this bull run. Now, he has published a list of altcoins that he believes can provide investors with maximum returns. 

Chainlink Is Top Of The List

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Van de Poppe listed Chainlink (LINK) as the number one altcoin he believes has so much potential. He explained that Chainlink’s valuation is currently at a cycle low and has dropped by 40% since its recent peak. As such, this decline presents a “massive opportunity” since LINK is still likely to make more moves to the upside. 

The second altcoin that Van de Poppe listed is Celestia (TIA). He noted that TIA is a relatively new project and would likely be a “massive gainer” in this market cycle. Considering that TIA is currently down 61% from its recent peak, the crypto expert claims this is a “giant opportunity” for those interested in investing in the token. 

The third token on Van de Poppe’s list is Arbiturm (ARB). The crypto expert alluded to the massive ARB token unlock in March, which caused a lot of selling pressure. He also suggested that this is probably one of the reasons its valuation has dropped by 60% in the past month. However, he is bullish on Arbitrum as he considers the network a “strong Layer 2 Rollup system” and believes the ARB token could be one of the strongest gainers in this cycle. 

Polkadot (DOT) is the next altcoin Van de Poppe mentioned. The analyst claims DOT’s valuation is still at a cycle low, which has opened up a “large opportunity” to invest in it. ATOM (Cosmos) is another altcoin that the crypto expert believes is still greatly undervalued and could provide significant returns for investors. 

Other Altcoins On The List

Van de Poppe mentioned DYDX (DYDX) as another altcoin with great potential. He revealed that the crypto token is reaching a cycle-low level in the Bitcoin pair. He expects the token to make a significant move to the upside once it is done consolidating. The crypto expert also listed WooNetwork (WOO) as another DeFi token that is greatly undervalued. 

Meanwhile, SEI (SEI), like TIA, is another relatively new project he believes will likely outperform other major crypto tokens in this upcoming cycle. He also acknowledged that newer coins also have the potential to enjoy more gains than tokens that have been around for a while. 

Skale Network (SKL) and Covalent (CQT) completed Van de Poppe’s list of ten altcoins that he believes are undervalued and could do well in this bull run. 

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