WhatsApp testing a redesign for its calling screen so you’ll know where to tap to hang up

WhatsApp usually nails all the essential features of a proper messaging app — group chats, broadcasts, communities, voice, video. However, as versatile as popular as the app is, WhatsApp’s user interface can sometimes feel very clunky and outdated. Fortunately, it looks like Meta is listening and doing something about it.

UI changes have been popping up in the beta version of WhatsApp for a while now. However, those changes were exclusive to particular parts of the interface, such as previews, bars, and other smaller elements. The calling screen, though, remained the same throughout all of that. That is, until now.
As noted by WABetaInfo’s AssembleDebug, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version, shows a revamped calling screen that promises a smoother, more intuitive experience. The biggest change is subtle, but it could fix a major annoyance. That back button in the top left corner? It’s gone. Instead, WhatsApp introduces a proper minimize button. Same function, but way more intuitive.

WhatsApp’s new calling screen UI | Source: WaBetaInfo

This is important because the old back button led to a lot of confusion. Because it was ambiguous, many users thought that by clicking on this back button they were ending the call entirely. Obviously, that was not the case, but with this new minimize option you get a clearer indication that by tapping it you’re just tucking the call screen away, not hanging up.

Additionally, the buttons are very distinctly designed to separate them visually from the rest of the screen. Judging by the screenshot above, I don’t think the new buttons leave any room for misinterpretation. It is a small yet thoughtful design change that can make all the difference.

WhatsApp’s clearly serious about making the calling experience as painless as possible. This isn’t the most earth-shattering update, but it shows they’re listening to how people actually use the app and tweaking things accordingly. Sometimes, the best features are the ones that get out of your way.

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