WhatsApp will soon give you the option to send your media in HD quality by default

WhatsApp is introducing a feature that finally gives its users the ability to choose the default media upload quality. This feature, now available to some beta testers on version, puts the power back on the user on how detailed they want their pictures and videos to look when they arrive at the other end.If you have used WhatsApp for any amount of time, or any messaging app for that matter, you surely have gone through the woes of sending an image or video that looks like a blurred mess. This can be quite frustrating, particularly when sharing what could very well be priceless family photos or pivotal moments you’ve captured on video. Thankfully, there will now be a solution to this problem.

Although the quality of images sent via WhatsApp is currently not too terrible when compared to SMS, it is also not in high definition. This new setting option allows you to select between Standard Quality, which is optimized for a smaller file size and quicker sharing, or High Quality, which prioritizes image and video quality to be clearer, but uses twice as much storage. Once selected, this will be the default setting for sending media within the app, unless you use the “document” sharing option that keeps the content in its original quality without any compression.

Image Source: WaBetaInfo

Accessible within the app’s settings, this option was originally spotted by WaBetaInfo to be in the works in a previous version of the WhatsApp Beta app on the Google Play Store (v2.23.14.10). However, it is now finally available to more users in the latest beta. Unfortunately, gaining access to the WhatsApp beta program at this moment is close to impossible, as the program is always full to capacity. 

This is a major step forward in making your WhatsApp experience more personalized and smooth. As a long-time user of the app, I welcome the option to choose the quality I want my images to be sent in.

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