The stunning Beats Studio Buds+ are on sale at a record high discount with AppleCare+

Although we can totally understand if you’re the kind of hardcore Apple fan who can only conceive buying and owning Apple-branded stuff, we’re here today to strongly recommend you consider the Beats Studio Buds+ as an alternative to the industry-leading AirPods Pro 2.

These are Apple-made earbuds equipped with hands-free “Hey Siri” support and iCloud pairing functionality among others, and if you hurry, you can get them alongside two years of AppleCare+ coverage at an unbeatable price.

Normally available for $169.95 by themselves, the transparent Studio Buds Plus are currently on sale at a cool 40 bucks less than that with AppleCare Plus, which means that you’re looking at saving an even heftier $70 or so in total. Curiously enough, this unprecedented Amazon deal is only good for arguably the most eye-catching “color” option around, with ivory, silver, and black/gold versions all costing significantly more at the time of this writing.

That suggests this special offer could go away very quickly, so if you’re in the market for some of the best wireless earbuds out there at their lowest possible price, you should probably pull the trigger ASAP. 
Seeing as how they lack cutting-edge technologies like personalized spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, the Beats Studio Buds Plus are not quite as impressive as the aforementioned AirPods Pro 2 or the Beats Fit Pro. But the super-powerful active noise cancellation and excellent 9-hour battery life (36 hours with the charging case factored in) undeniably make these puppies a very solid bargain for a presumably limited time at a $70 discount.

AppleCare+, mind you, will give you not just additional peace of mind when it comes to accidental damage, but also a direct 24/7 line to Apple experts by chat or phone for any and all issues you may encounter while using your fancy, powerful, and super-snazzy new earbuds.

The Studio Buds Plus, remember, are natively compatible with both iPhones and Android handsets, thus being an outstanding alternative to the best Samsung Galaxy Buds around in addition to the second-gen AirPods Pro. What more could you want?

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