Google continues to experiment with ways you can enter notes into Keep

Google hasn’t been shy at all lately about experimenting with the interface of its note-taking app, Google Keep. Just last week, we reported on a floating navigation bar that was being tested in Keep for new note creation, similar to the design used in Google Chat. However, it looks like now Google is experimenting with yet another way to input your notes.

As reported by TheSPAndroid, a fresh Google Keep update (version 5.24.112) brings another iteration of the new note button to light.¬†Upon digging into the code for that version, it appears the floating navigation bar is a thing of the past. The new experimental update introduces a floating action button (FAB), the iconic circular button with a plus sign often found in Google’s design language. This choice mirrors the design seen in Google Calendar.

Image Source: TheSPAndroid

This new floating button replaces the entire bottom navigation of the Keep interface. Tapping on this FAB expands it vertically to offer three distinct options: draw a note, create a list, or create a text note.

While unexpected, this change signals that Google is not done tweaking Google Keep’s interface in search of the most intuitive note-taking experience. The use of the FAB instead of the floating bar we saw last week, does offer some advantages. Collapsing the bottom bar frees up more screen space for your notes, which could now be taken with a single tap. Additionally, the FAB button aligns with Google’s material design trends, so it offers a familiar design that may be more intuitive for those that regularly use Google’s apps.

Of course, this is still an experimental feature and there is no guarantee that it’ll roll out to the wider public. However, it illustrates Google’s dedication to streamlining Google Keep’s functionality and interface. Google Keep’s current interface is starting to become stale, so a little sprucing up and the addition of new features is a welcome change.

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