Rabbit R1 hopping into homes: US pre-orders start shipping next week

Earlier this year, the Rabbit R1 impressed the tech world at CES 2024. Now, it’s confirmed that the first 10,000 of these innovative AI-powered gadgets will be sent out to the early birds who pre-ordered them in the US and Canada.

As per Rabbit (via Engadget), the first wave of pre-orders from the US is set to ship out on March 31. However, if you’re among those who have already pre-ordered the Rabbit R1, hang tight, as it will take a couple of weeks for the devices to arrive at their destinations. The company expects that customers will have their hands on the first R1 orders by around April 24. While there’s a chance of further delays, that’s the current estimated timeline.

Rabbit is also throwing a pickup party in New York City on April 23, and the company made it clear that all buyers are invited, not just those from the first batch. The company will announce more details about the party and the initial deliveries later this week.As per the Rabbit website, the second wave of orders is set to ship throughout April and May, followed by the third batch heading to customers from May to June for addresses in the US and Canada. For those in the UK or EU, shipping is slated to begin by late April.

If you haven’t heard of the Rabbit R1 yet, think of it as something like a smartphone but with an AI assistant taking care of all the usual app tasks. Its standout feature is its software, Rabbit OS. Instead of using an LLM (large language model) like ChatGPT, the company says the AI capabilities come from a Large Action Model (LAM).

LAM was trained by humans using apps such as Spotify and Uber, essentially teaching the model how they work. So, the Rabbit R1 could potentially handle a variety of tasks, from controlling your music to ordering a ride, buying groceries, sending messages, researching maps, making reservations, and much more.

The Rabbit R1 has a 2.88-inch touchscreen and a push-to-talk button on the side. It’s also equipped with a physical scroll wheel and a rotating camera, along with a charming animated bunny serving as its mascot. Priced at $199, the Rabbit R1 is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, select countries in the European Union (including Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden), as well as South Korea, Japan, and Australia.

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