It’s not too late to get the beastly 16/256GB OnePlus 11 at $150 off on Best Buy

We shared a fantastic offer on the remarkable OnePlus 11 with beastly 16GB RAM at Best Buy a few weeks back. To our surprise, the tempting $150 price cut is still up for grabs. Plus, you can save an extra $100 by activating your device immediately with help from Best Buy.

Let’s note what makes this deal so fantastic right off the bat — Best Buy’s rival stores, Amazon and Walmart, have no matching offer on the OnePlus 11. However, Amazon offers the more contemporary OnePlus 12R alongside a $100 gift card. That may be an equally appealing option for some users. 

Also, keep in mind that there’s a savings event happening at Amazon, with plenty of other awesome Spring Sale phone deals to choose from.

Still among the top OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 11 still holds its ground despite not being the brand’s latest flagship. It features a gorgeous 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with smooth 120Hz refresh rates. Complemented with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and 16GB RAM, this phone has a decidedly impressive spec sheet.

Fast and powerful, this bad boy is good enough for gaming, plus it has a solid triple camera system. Although the camera isn’t as good as rival cameras slapped on Galaxy S23 Ultra or Pixel 7 Pro, the OnePlus 11 still captures great-looking photos. You can expect pictures taken with this device to have slightly warmer colors and a reasonable saturation, but it’s nothing too extreme.

OnePlus cut no corners in the battery department. With a size of 5,000mAh and crazy-fast 80W charging speeds, this device is meant to stay with you and not with the cord. Additionally, it gets four OS updates and five years of security patches, meaning it should be good until 2028.

Overall, the OnePlus 11 is a powerhouse with a stunning display. If you can’t afford its successor, the OnePlus 12, this might be the alternative you want to consider. Plus, it’s still available at $150 off on Best Buy (with more savings available via activation).

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