Galaxy S24 Ultra users shocked to find their S Pen smells burnt and funky

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a lot going for it: stunning screen, smooth performance, stellar support, amazing cameras, and AI features but nothing in the world is perfect. The phone has a flaw that can be difficult to ignore if you have a sensitive nose: its S Pen stylus smells burnt.

In addition to letting you write and draw on the screen, the S24 Ultra’s S Pen also allows you to capture screenshots, take photos, and adjust audio playback. It isn’t the nicest smelling accessory out there though, as many users have discovered.

Reddit user LatifYil wrote that their Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen “absolutely reeks” and it feels like it is “being barbequed by the internals.” Normally, people don’t go around smelling their styluses, but this Reddit post prompted many to take out the S Pen from the silo and take in its smell. It was not a pleasant experience for most.

According to many Galaxy S24 Ultra users, the phone’s S Pen stinks, with some comparing the smell to burnt plastic. 

Is the Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen burning to its death? 

A Samsung moderator has assured everyone concerned about their S Pen that there’s nothing to worry about. They explain that while the stylus is in its holster, the heat generated by the phone’s internal components cause the S Pen’s plastic to heat up. As an analogy, it’s how a car’s seats and plastic fittings smell hot on a sunny day, but the sensation goes away once the temperature normalizes.
The problem isn’t limited to the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s S Pen. Some Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra users report that their S Pen also smells charred. The owners of these relatively older models haven’t complained of functional issues with their S Pen, so Samsung is probably right. There’s nothing to worry about. 

Also, the smell feels like new tech to some, so that’s one way to look at it. If you can’t stand the smell though, the good news is that it goes away after the S Pen spends some time outside of the silo.

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