Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 price, specs, features, and news

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series will undoubtedly be one of the high-tier wearable releases that are expected in 2024. One of the more premium and decent alternatives to the Apple Watch lineup, Samsung’s smartwatch lineup is in its best shape yet, and the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic have the potential to make it even more awesome.

So far, the rumors about the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup are pretty sparse. The most exciting rumor so far is that the upcoming watches might be powered by a 3nm chip, which might be called the Exynos 940. This would improve the efficiency and potentially improve the battery life of the smartwatches, always an important aspect of smartwatches and wearables. 

Galaxy Watch 7 release date

  • Coming soon: The Galaxy Watch 7 series is most certainly coming our way in summer 2024, alongside the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 foldable flagship phones. 
  • Why do we believe that: Samsung has established a pretty predictable device release pattern over time, with yearly smartwatch releases concurrent with its foldable phone launches. That was the case with the Galaxy Watch 6 series last year, which was announced alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 6; a year earlier, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 were accompanied by the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. 

* – probable dates

Galaxy Watch 7 price

  • Hopefully, no changes: We expect that Samsung will keep the prices across the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup mostly unchanged in comparison with the Galaxy Watch 6 series’ pricing. 
  • Always the chance for a price hike: Granted, rumors about a potential price change (most likely upwards) will definitely make themselves known in the coming months, if any. Still, we are hopeful that we aren’t primed for more expensive wearables. 

* – anticipated prices

Galaxy Watch 7 name & models

  • Classic or Pro: No rumors about a naming change, though there’s always the chance that Samsung could alternate between the “Pro” and “Classic” models. 
  • Historic references: With the Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung released its first rugged, outdoorsy wearable, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which didn’t have a rotating bezel. Last year, however, marked a return to the Galaxy Watch Classic lineup, which features a rotating hardware bezel for easier interface navigation. So, with the Galaxy Watch 7 series, Samsung could either release another Pro watch or continue with the Classic releases.

If anything is highly probable, it’s that the Galaxy Watch 7 series will be available in different sizes, likely 40/44mm for the more affordable Galaxy Watch 7 and 43/47mm for the more premium watch. 

Galaxy Watch 7 design & display

  • Probably little to no changes: There aren’t specific design-related rumors about the Galaxy Watch 7 just yet. This means that we should probably expect the 7th generation of the smartwatch to be mostly similar to the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
  • Design, summarized: In the case of the Galaxy Watch 7, we might get a relatively compact, light, and minimal case design, made of aluminum. The regular Galaxy Watch 7 doesn’t have a rotating bezel; instead, the bezel around the display is touch-sensitive, allowing you to swipe your finger across and navigate the interface. If it makes sense, the Galaxy Watch 6 looks a lot more like a regular smartwatch.

At the same time, the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic will likely utilize stainless steel or titanium for its case build, and of course, might very well have a hardware rotating bezel. This is one of our favorite features of Samsung’s smartwatches, a unique and quite useful quirk that sets the watch apart from most other smartwatches on the market.

  • Exceptional resistance: It’s logical to expect that IP68 water- and dust-resistance will remain a part of the features roster; the same applies to the 5ATM submersion resistance. 

Galaxy Watch 7 battery & hardware

  • A 3nm bombshell: A big and very enticing rumor claims that not the Galaxy S25, but the Galaxy Watch 7 could be the first Galaxy device with a 3nm chip. The chip in question is likely the Samsung Exynos W940, which will serve as the natural evolution to last year’s Exynos 930 chip, which was based on a 5nm manufacturing process. 
  • Why is this so important: What are the benefits of a 3nm chip in comparison with a 5nm one? Simple, the smaller chip die introduces tons of performance and efficiency benefits, as well as a smaller chip footprint. Hopefully, the 3nm Exynos W940 chip will help the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup score much better battery life and efficiency, always a crucial aspect on a smartwatch. 
  • Probably the same batteries on board: We don’t know if Samsung will be capable of putting larger batteries inside the Galaxy Watch 7 models. Any potential battery life improvements might only get derived from the 3nm Exynos chip. There’s a chance that the Galaxy Watch 7 will have similar battery capacities to the Galaxy Watch 6 series: 300/425mAh for the 40/44mm Galaxy Watch 6 and 43/47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic models, respectively.

Galaxy Watch 7 hardware, features, and software

  • Health and wellness roster: The Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic will come with the next version of Google’s Wear OS, which has recently been developed along with Samsung itself. 

We expect that the Galaxy Watch 7 series will feature the same roster of health-monitoring and wellness goodies that were available on the previous models, PLUS some extra ones. 

As a refresher, here’s what the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup had going for it as far as health features are considered:

  • Sleep Score Factors: total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, plus physical and mental recovery.
  • Sleep Consistency with a Sleep Animal Symbol representing the sleep type.
  • Sleep Mode without notifications and improved Sleep Coaching.
  • Body Composition: skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage.
  • New personalized heart rate zone with 5 optimal running intensity levels for set goals.
  • Track Run records and custom workout setup.
  • Improved menstrual cycle tracking with skin temperature takings at night.
  • Fall detection.
  • Irregular heart rhythm notification

Should I wait for the Galaxy Watch 7?

  • You should wait for the Galaxy Watch 7 if you’re enjoying Samsung’s Galaxy Watch devices and are potentially looking for a replacement. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 7 could be the perfect entry-point into the Galaxy Watch lineup. 
  • You should not wait for the Galaxy Watch 7 if you’ve recently upgraded to a Galaxy Watch 6/Galaxy Watch 6 Classic or the Galaxy Watch 5/Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Until we know more about the Galaxy Watch 7, it’s safe to assume that the upcoming smartwatch generation won’t redefine the experience too much. 

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