Samsung’s new tablet promised more updates than Galaxy S24 in now-deleted post

One of the most brag-worthy iPhone features was they got updates for more than six years. That advantage no longer stands. That’s because Google and Samsung’s latest phones will get updates for seven years. And if a now-deleted post is any guide, Samsung has extended support even further.

Galaxy Tab Active 5 enterprise edition will receive support for eight years

That’s according to a LinkedIn post the Samsung-centric outlet SamMobile spotted. A Samsung exec wrote that the Galaxy Tab Active 5 enterprise edition will get more updates than the Galaxy S24.The device will get eight operating system versions and will also receive security patches for eight years. This works out to updates until 2032.

The post is no longer there on the career-focused social media platform. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung went back on its words.

Samsung makes enterprise devices for professionals. They are marketed as being more rugged than slates meant for normies.

Perhaps to bolster their image as reliable, long-lasting devices, there have been instances in the past when Samsung promised to provide more updates for an enterprise device than what was the standard practice for it at that time.

For example, some years back, when flagships got four years of security updates, enterprise versions were promised five.

The Galaxy S24 is Samsung’s first device that’s guaranteed seven years of updates. The phone’s AI features are getting lauded for its popularity, but the stellar software policy also deserves credit. This could be one of the reasons why Samsung is adding another year of support for newer devices.

With the post deleted, there’s no way to tell if the Tab Active 5 enterprise edition will get eight years of support. We also can’t say if this is going to be Samsung’s new policy for all its devices.

It doesn’t seem likely though. That’s because the post also said the new Galaxy XCover 7 will receive seven years of updates.

In any case, the Galaxy Tab Active 5 enterprise edition is only semi-official right now. There’s only one LinkedIn post that still mentions it and the company’s website has no mention of it.

Everything should become clearer once it’s announced properly.

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