Google could outdo itself with better Pixel 8a specs than we expected

The rumor mill hasn’t been particularly chatty about the Pixel 8a, so even though there are multiple signs that the phone is inching towards launch, we don’t know a whole lot about it. Thankfully for those curious about Google’s next mid-range phone, a new report has revealed almost all of the device’s specs.
Android Authority published detailed Pixel 8a specs, which they claim to have received from an inside source.
Last year’s Pixel 7a was already a substantial upgrade over its predecessor, making it one of the best affordable smartphones you can buy. Google has apparently decided to outdo itself by making the Pixel 8a even better.
For starters, the phone’s refresh rate will be bumped up to 120Hz and it will max out at 1,400 nits of brightness, bringing the screen more in line with the Pixel 8.

As rumors and leaked images have been suggesting, the phone will have rounder corners than the Pixel 7a, for a unified design across the Pixel 8 range.

Google recently toggled on display output on the Pixel 8 duo, enabling the new phones to use the USB-C port to mirror the screen to an external display. The Pixel 8a is also rumored to have this Samsung DeX-like feature.

Since the Pixel 7a got new cameras last year, Google has allegedly decided not to equip the Pixel 8a with new sensors, but since the device will be armed with the new Tensor G3 processor, we can still expect some camera improvements.

Similar to what Google did last year, it’s not going to equip the Pixel 8a with the same G3 chip as the Pixel 8. Although the chip will mostly be the same as the one that powers Google’s flagship phones, it will employ a cheaper packaging technology, which could make it a little thicker and less energy efficient. The end user is unlikely to feel any difference though.

Lastly, the report also claims that the Pixel 8a will be available in ten more regions, including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

On the face of it, the Pixel 8a might not look like a significant improvement over the 7a, but when you take into account the fact that Google added a better screen, new cameras, and wireless charging last year, and is going to outfit this year’s iteration with an even better screen, new design, and a new chip, it looks like the company wants to outdo itself and doesn’t care if it lessens Pixel 8‘s appeal in the process.

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