Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a serious manufacturer’s defect that Samsung refused to fix under the warranty

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 owner on Reddit pointed out how his device would no longer open completely flat thanks to debris getting caught in the hinge. As noted in his post, the Redditor (ahmed1smael) said that the debris consisted of pieces of the bristles used to clean the hinge, and pieces of the adhesive tape used to keep the bristles in place. This can be seen in a picture that the Reddit subscriber posted on the social media platform.

After four hours of using soda can fragments to clean out the hinge, the owner of the phone was finally able to open the device flat. But with the bristles in pieces and removed from the device, the chances that debris will enter the phone and damage the internal screen have increased. Explaining the technique he used, ahmed1smael wrote, “The seal goes along the hinge on both sides. I checked the side that has more glue substance coming out to identify the broken side. I then carefully used thin plastic and cut up soda can pieces to search and take out the threads and the plastic seal.”

He says that Samsung keeps denying that the adhesive used for the bristles stops working leaving the bristles to get caught in the hinge. He also warns those Galaxy Z Fold 4 users having the same issue to take the problem to Samsung Warranty instead of trying to copy what he did. “Please use the warranty and defend your case and don’t give up,” the Redditor writes. “This is a manufacturer defect.”

The Redditor seemed to hit a nerve on the platform when he wrote that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would be next to suffer the same fate as his Galaxy Z Fold 4 (a claim that he eventually “lined out”). Before the edit, several Reddit subscribers questioned this and mentioned how Samsung changed the hinge on the 2023 Z Fold model. For example, a user who goes by the user name of GuyTan0 wrote, “Got any evidence of this? The 4 was having those issues way before the amount of time that the 5 has been out already. And it’s still perfect. You may be right about the 4, as Samsung was aware of this and decided to change it for the 5.”

Samsung doesn’t believe that the problem is their responsibility. As Rocket 3431 said on Reddit, “Yeah I have the same issue and they want to charge me to repair. This is absolute BS. This phone is not worth the hassle. Counting down the days till it’s paid off and can upgrade back to a slab. The old note 9 In my drawer looks so tempting.” Several Redditors said that Samsung refused to repair their Galaxy Z Fold 4 under warranty because of incidental scratches or a chip on the charging port that had nothing to do with the issue.

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