Google Wallet is rolling out support for Apple Wallet pass files

Last year, Google Wallet rolled out a new feature that allowed users to share boarding passes and event tickets with others via a link. This feature was designed as a convenient way to share passes with friends and family, but mostly for those who didn’t actually have the Google Wallet app installed on their devices, such as iOS users. Now, a new update is rolling out that expands on this and now allows Apple Wallet passes to be used in Google Wallet as well.This update, which Android expert Mishaal Rahman documented, aims to narrow the disparity with Apple Wallet. Apple currently holds an advantage in this area due to its wide use among apps and services that distribute digital tickets and passes on iPhones. Additionally, it provides a more streamlined and integrated experience for users, as it most often provides the “Add to Apple Wallet” option.

This hasn’t always been the case with Android devices, as “Add to Google Wallet” isn’t as universally available and recognized. However, with Google Wallet adopting support for “pkpass” files, which are used to add passes to Apple Wallet on the iPhone, this can quickly change and help standardize the process across both Android and iPhone devices.By expanding support for “pkpass” files, Android devices can now offer a similar level of convenience and integration when it comes to adding tickets and passes. This move by Google Wallet could potentially bridge the gap between the two platforms in terms of digital ticketing services.

As promised over a year ago by Google, this support is now beginning to reach some Android users. However, despite some users confirming that “pkpass” files are opening in Wallet and importing to the app successfully, the functionality remains a server-side update on Google’s end. It will be interesting to see how this change impacts the user experience and convenience for consumers using Google Wallet on Android devices.

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