Exciting Apple roadmap reveals when to expect iPhone SE 4, foldable iPhone, AR glasses, and more

Now this is exciting. Leaker @Tech_Reve (via Wccftech) tweeted a roadmap of Apple products that was sourced from Samsung Securities. The latter is a subsidiary of Samsung Group and is a financial services company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. So this seems to be more legit than an Apple roadmap that some random guy says was stuck to the bottom of his shoe. What makes this so interesting is that the roadmap reveals when we should see long-awaited products including a foldable iPhone and the AR-focused Apple spectacles.
If the roadmap is a complete fake and has nothing to do with Samsung Securities, whoever created it did a brilliant job by making it look like it was made prior to last year as it includes forecasts for 2023 that include a periscope zoom (the Tetraprism periscope lens is found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max), the Titanium casing for the iPhone 15 Pro models, and a few more things that really were introduced last year.

Apple roadmap reveals when we can expect the iPhone SE 4, the foldable iPhone, and AR glasses

For this year, the roadmap mentions the release of the Vision Pro, which has already taken place, the OLED iPad Pro models expected to be released as soon as later this month or next month, and some other well-traveled rumors such as the larger screen sizes for the iPhone 16 Pro (6.3-inch from 6.1-inch) and the iPhone 16 Pro Max (6.9-inch from 6.7-inch), and the Tetraprism zoom for both Pro models this year.

For next year, 2025, the roadmap once again trots out some previously mentioned rumors from the rumor mill including the release of the iPhone SE 4 with a 6.1-inch OLED display and a 48MP rear camera, and the triple 48MP cameras expected on the iPhone 17 Pro line. We should also expect to see the 2025 iPhone Pro handsets equipped with 12GB of RAM. The roadmap goes on to add that the FaceTime camera on the iPhone 17 Pro models will weigh in at 48MP and include optical image stabilization.

Things get more interesting in 2026 with the roadmap calling for the launch of the first foldable iPhone! The device will sport a 6-inch cover display and an 8-inch internal screen. An OLED iPad Air line will also see the light of day in 2026 says the roadmap, with an 8.4-inch model and a 10.9-inch model. And while we’re talking about OLED, 14-inch and 16-inch OLED MacBooks are listed for 2026.

The device that could replace the iPhone will be released in 2027

2027 is the last year of what we guess was originally a five-year roadmap, and that year will, hopefully, mark my 18th year of having the privilege of writing about mobile tech at PhoneArena for all of you out there to read. More importantly, that is when Apple will finally launch the device that will replace the iPhone-AR glasses. And I can tell you now that I am really looking forward to the release of that product. 

The Apple Glasses will feature 1.4-inch RGB screens that will either be MicroOLED or MicroLED. And lastly, that same year, we should expect to see Apple introduce the foldable iPad with a 20-inch display. You might recall that earlier this month, TF International’s Ming-Chi Kuo said that a foldable 20.3-inch MacBook is in development and will enter mass production in 2027.

Will this be exactly how the next few years pan out for Apple and its fans? We will have to wait until we can put 2027 in the rear-view mirror to let you know whether this was a roadmap with good directions or one that took us around in circles and never got us to our destination.

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