Chrome for Android will soon allow you to use your preferred password manager

Google Chrome might be the default browser on many Android phones, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only – or even the best – option. Browsers like Firefox, with its expanded extension support, and privacy-focused browsers loaded with anti-tracking features, offer compelling reasons to switch. Now, Chrome is making a change that lessens one major reason for users to jump ship.Historically, if you wanted to use a password manager on Chrome for Android, you were stuck with Google’s solution. However, a new hidden setting finally lets you choose your preferred password manager. This means if you use a service like LastPass, Bitwarden, or 1Password, you can now integrate it seamlessly into Chrome on Android.

This was spotted by Leopeva64 on X who shared his discovery while going through the code. According to him, this can be enabled right now on the Stable, Beta, and Canary builds of Chrome on Android, but the experimental flag “enable-autofill-virtual-view-structure” will need to be enabled first before the setting can show up. Once enabled, a new autofill option will appear within settings that will allow you to decide between the default (Google Password Manager) or other providers.

According to Android Police‘s reporting, this new feature is currently in development and not yet working as it should. For instance, attempts to save a new password after entering one failed, indicating that there is still work to do before the public can use it. The feature will likely undergo further testing and improvements before it no longer needs an experimental flag.

Chrome’s lack of flexibility in this respect was a point of frustration for those who preferred a dedicated password manager. This integration, when released, will streamline your browsing and give you greater control over the password services you use. While a little more polish is needed, users now have more reasons to consider sticking with Chrome on Android.

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