Xperia 1 VI rumored to do away with the 2 things that make Sony phones unique

There are a lot of things that make Sony Xperia phones stand out but the company could ditch two of those with the upcoming Xperia 1 VI. 

Weibo leaker zackbuks has revealed some new info about the device (via GSMArena). Sony’s flagship Xperia phones come with ultra-high resolution 4K screens but according to the latest leak, the Xperia 1 VI will have a 2K display.

Xperia phones are instantly identifiable because of their tall screens and the aspect ratio makes them easier to hold. Sony has reportedly decided to make its next premium phone a little wider and adopt an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

While Sony diehards may prefer high-resolution panels and a tall design, these might be among the reasons why Sony’s global market share is a paltry .35 percent. 

4K is an overkill for most users and high-res screens are also more expensive. Maybe the downgrade to a 2K screen will lead to a lower cost, which can surely help the Xperia 1 VI become one of the best phones of 2024, but we are just speculating here. 

As for the tall design, while it may facilitate multitasking by letting you pin a second app on top, not everyone prefers oddly proportioned displays.

Not every aspect of the design is going to change though, which means the Xperia 1 VI will retain its predecessor’s thick bezels instead of embracing hole punch cutouts like the rest of the industry. Next year is when we can hope to see a design overhaul, which is also when Sony is expected to drop the Xperia branding. 

zackbuks says the phone will be released globally in May.

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